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This is where all the posts that appeared on the old front page (June '04 - January '05) are stored (back when the site was run using IPB Portal).
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Post by scentless » 19 Jun 2004 13:34


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Post by Justin » 19 Jun 2004 13:36

Mr_Junky wrote: nice, now you can post some more pics of chicks
yep. i'll get around to it. things'll be back to normal in due time.

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Post by James » 19 Jun 2004 13:46

Hey Justin,

The new skin feels a bit strange but I sure we'll all get used to it.

Couple of runtime bugs appear in this block of code. Don't know enough to tell you what's wrong, but I'm sure you'll work it out...


<a target="_blank" href="http://extremetracking.com/open;ref1?login=crapsite">
<img name=im src="/i.gif" height=1
border=0 width=1 title="Fuck off"></a><script language="javascript"><!--
pr(){d.write("<img src="http://u0.extreme-dm.com",
"rs="+r+"&l="+escape(d.referrer)+"" height=1 ",


I'm using IE6 SP1

Killing Yield
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Post by Killing Yield » 19 Jun 2004 13:48

hesey wrote: whats with the stupid fukcing newbie shit, im a fukcing regular for like a year or more. i know why its there but how the fukc do i get it off.
its called post more.

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Post by AcydPhreak » 19 Jun 2004 13:55

Justin, I'm liking the registering shit... no more stupid newbies

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Post by Defjm » 19 Jun 2004 13:57

good shit man, the board looks nice
Last edited by Defjm on 19 Jun 2004 13:57, edited 1 time in total.

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Post by zecchino » 19 Jun 2004 14:18

yes yes yes
good job :lol:

i've been frequenting this here site for the past 4 months
and yes
i enjoy the constant blabbers of most of those who comment

i shall be one of those now that i've decided to register

the site is gonna pick up
i can feel it. :)

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Post by DarckkorioN » 19 Jun 2004 14:46

zecchino wrote: the site is gonna pick up
i can feel it.&nbsp; :)
Are you mad!? The site is already a tidle wave! That's why everything was turned OFF.

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Post by DUDEMASTER » 19 Jun 2004 14:46

Nice, keep up the good work. I miss Lohan updates though :(

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Post by Download-This » 19 Jun 2004 14:54

Excellent work Justin! :)

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Post by BabyEaterMmm » 19 Jun 2004 15:31

Long time visitor, short time poster. But I say buen trabajo (good job) Justin. Way to regulate. I like the new comments. I have a question tho...what is the difference between Normal and Guided Mode? (See radio buttons up and left) Just more helpful prompts?

One more thing I have to say...I finally saw the Jojo video, and then I turned on the playboy channel and "7 lives Xposed" was on. And I almost shat my pants. Jojo looks like a mini-Devon Lane(sp?). Now I can not look at either one without being reminded of the other.

If you have a different opinion on this, go ahead and weigh in, but <a href='http://www.google.com' target='_blank'>Google</a> Devon Lane(sp?) first.

...wow, even if I didn't know HTML, and you didn't explain in plain english on the old format how to use HTML, I would have to be one stupid jackass to not understand hyperlinking now. The Code and List Buttons will prove valuble one day too!

The props just keep on commin'! Keep up the better than average work. I need to work on a signature and a better picture to the left. Donnie Darko Director's cut in theaters man, I can't wait...

Now, for real, I sign off.

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Post by pacmanjesus » 19 Jun 2004 16:04

Fuck you.

Let me post again, biatch.

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Post by Neone » 19 Jun 2004 17:42

I first found this site when I searched the net for Libby Hoeler info. Had the videos, since like - ages back or something. Decided to find out some stuff.
I cam across this site, and found it amusing.

What I really like here is all the girltalk. But what I DON'T get is:

What the fuck's up with Loan? Why are she like, your god or something? *looking at all FUBAR visitors*

But I had to admit that it's perfect with a few Loan posts every now and then.
Where to go to spend some time when you're bored? Fubar.
What to do when you want to check out naughty girl? Fubar.
etc etc :P

Anyway, all you girl lovers out there. You should check my site out.
It contains videos and pictures from raves, and what do we know about raver girls? They are like, the most sexiest beings on earth or something? ;)

And you know what's so fucking neat about it? I'm the PHOTOGRAPHER of ALL pictures :D Mwuhahahahahaa!!! :D

Have fun checking it out dudes. Laters.

Oh, by the way. I like the new desig more. It will help visitors to an easier navigation and stuff like that. Keep up the good work :D

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Post by Smash » 19 Jun 2004 17:46

Good look..except leaving comments here. I wonder if you can turn off most of the extra stuff on this one area so it's skinnied down.

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Post by Smash » 19 Jun 2004 17:48

Bob wrote: I like. How'd you do this? Is it cause you purchased invision and I didn't. Id like to do this too but I cant do it just yet. I dont have enough of a fanbase to force them to register
Edit: I forgot to say, wont this cause problems with search engines when they run their bots i suppose the old terms will still work and all I guess it just wont give a description under the link
Bob with a 130 'posts' under your belt...you are starting to be more of a pain than an asset here.

I'm especially alarmed to read 'I don't have enough of a fan base yet'.

You don't MAKE a fan base by trying...

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