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Post by Justin » 22 Aug 2004 14:23

It's no wonder why they cast her as Queen Amidala's (Natalie Portman) 'double' in The Phantom Menace. They really do look alike.

<li><A HREF="/movies/hires/keiraknightley3/" target="_blank">Keira Knightley</A>

And on that note, if you could spend one night with either of them, who would you choose? Who's better? Keira Or Natalie?

<CENTER><FORM NAME=Choices856931 ACTION="http://vote.sparklit.com/poll.spark?pollID=856931" METHOD="POST" TARGET="_blank" style="margin: 0px"><INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=ID VALUE="856931"><table ID="DisplayVote856931" width=123 cellPadding=3 cellSpacing=2 bgcolor="#CDC477"><tr><td><b><font size="-1" color="#000000" style="font-family: ARIAL,HELVETICA; font-weight: bold">Who's better?</font></b></td></tr>
<tr><td bgcolor="#F0F0DF"><font size="-1" color="#000000" style="font-family: ARIAL,HELVETICA">Keira or Natalie?<br><br><table border=0><tr><td><input name="ballot" type="radio" value="0"></td><td><font size="-1" color="#000000" style="font-family: ARIAL,HELVETICA">Keira Knightley</font></td></tr> <tr><td><input name="ballot" type="radio" value="1"></td><td><font size="-1" color="#000000" style="font-family: ARIAL,HELVETICA">Natalie Portman</font></td></tr></table><br></font><div align="right"><small><A HREF="http://vote.sparklit.com/poll.spark/856931" target="_blank" style="font-family: ARIAL,HELVETICA">Current Results</A></small></div></td></tr>
<tr align="right"><td><INPUT TYPE="submit" STYLE="background-color: #CDC477 ; border: 1px solid #F0F0DF; color: #F0F0DF; font-family: ARIAL,HELVETICA; font-weight: bold; cursor: hand; width: 113" WIDTH=113 VALUE="Submit Vote" NAME="submit"></td></tr></table></form></CENTER>
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Post by pHr0sTbYt3 » 22 Aug 2004 14:24

Keira Kinghtley anyday, don't like natalie.

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Post by Justin » 22 Aug 2004 14:25

what! natalie portman all the way!

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Post by BlackMage » 22 Aug 2004 14:26

Keira Knightly..I saw "Love Actually" and fell in love with her.

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Post by Victor_Vega » 22 Aug 2004 14:26

Justin wrote: what! natalie portman all the way!
You said it justin!

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Post by pHr0sTbYt3 » 22 Aug 2004 14:29

Justin wrote: what! natalie portman all the way!
Hells no, Keira is way hotter.
Check out the standings so far... you lose.
EDIT: I lose
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Post by ilovetosaydada » 22 Aug 2004 14:31

Looongtime lurker....but I just HAD to register for this one....

If everybody who voted saw "Garden State" first, the votes would be highly tipped in Natalie's favor I would imagine.

I like both, don't get me wrong, but Natalie's better.

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Post by jeffoh » 22 Aug 2004 14:31

natalie fuckin' portman.

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Post by Mastodon » 22 Aug 2004 14:32

Justin, damnit, find some good pictures of her. Watch Bend it like Beckham, hot hot shit. After that she even looked fffffine as the half-starved celt in Arthur. Yea, I saw it. It was free.

I'm kind of annoyed the way she overpuffs her lips like that. The exaggerated pout.

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Post by Wombat » 22 Aug 2004 14:32

There is a major diff between the two. One has boobs, and the other doesn't.

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Post by heineken » 22 Aug 2004 14:33


Eamon Angelface
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Post by Eamon Angelface » 22 Aug 2004 14:41

Natalie Portman. No question about it. I'd kill everyone in a 3 block radius to hit either one but Natalie has been my fav since Leon. Keira needs a role like that to even be a contender. I do like that poll though. Very very good idea to do the 'this girl' and 'that girl' thing. Who would you hit polls. Bravo Justin.

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Post by J-Mah » 22 Aug 2004 14:45

Natalie Portman of course. But its a very close race. I loved her in "Where the Heart is".

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Post by Scenehater » 22 Aug 2004 14:48

Normally my answer whould have been Keira right away, but i just say Garden State, and the preview for another movie Natalie is in, and it made the decision 100 times harder...But in the end Keira wins because she's british, and has the same the exact birthday as me...

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Post by mucciuk » 22 Aug 2004 14:55

Natalie. BAM.

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