Hi Res Keira Knightley

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Post by SunDevilZac » 22 Aug 2004 15:20

I vote Natalie all the way, Keira is wayyy hot, but Natalie hit the scene first. Plus shes hotter, and has a better body. I would like to tag team both if I could.

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Post by middlehead » 22 Aug 2004 15:22

Definetely Keira. I can understand why people think Natalie's hot, but she just doesn't do anything for me. I'd still hit it if I had the chance, but if I'm getting a choice it's all about Knightley.

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Post by Jeff » 22 Aug 2004 15:32

Wombatluv wrote: There is a major diff between the two. One has boobs, and the other doesn't.
I totally agree. Gotta go with Natalie.

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Post by nyr8888 » 22 Aug 2004 15:33

definately natalie

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Post by Observant » 22 Aug 2004 15:48

Portman. Star Wars has ruined me.

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Post by C-Monkey » 22 Aug 2004 17:35

Bullshit. Knightly has my vote. Knightly is far less politically extreme, far less serious about her "acting" and how her "acting" affects the world within which she lives. Knightly is about her work and getting paid. She is about doing the best job she can in the roles she finds and if she gets some bullshit roles that put her in skimpy clothes and that gets her to the financial and life goals that she wants then more power to her.
Most importantly is my opinion that she is far more beautiful than Portman.
As far as their work, both Portman and Knightly seem to be in about the same amount of films and productions. I find that it is far more likely that I will see more of Knightly's films than Portman's. I am personally more interested in stories like Domino, Pride, King, Pirates, The Jacket. These are 5 films Knightly is in that I've seen or will likely see. I know that the only Portman movies I've seen or am likely to see is StarWars 1, 2, 3 and Garden State. So.... 4 movies versus 5.... (and seeing Star Wars has nothing to do with Portman, including the stupid yet slightly sexy midrift exposure scene) hmmm... I wonder who is getting more exposure to a regular schmo like me.
Congratulations on Garden State Miss Portman. I hear great things, haven't seen it. Big fucking deal in the big picture of the world and movies though. And, for me, Portman's midrift exposure scene in Star Wars AotC was less about her sexy stomach and more about what a stupid asshole Lucas is. Portman herself exudes an image in interviews and public exposure of high self importance that I cannot abide.
Now some of this is based on the jobs that they seem to get. As an actor I understand perfectly how the job is not a definition of the actor as a person. So, falling in love/lust with either one because of the movies they are in is just a slight bit of bullshit.

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Post by earthtoandy » 22 Aug 2004 18:23

ilovetosaydada wrote: Looongtime lurker....but I just HAD to register for this one....

If everybody who voted saw "Garden State" first, the votes would be highly tipped in Natalie's favor I would imagine.

I like both, don't get me wrong, but Natalie's better.
so true. i fell in love with natalie during this movie.

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Post by -L7- » 22 Aug 2004 18:55

Natalie all the way. I fell in love with her when I seen Beautiful Girls.
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Post by earthtoandy » 22 Aug 2004 19:01

c-monkey... i can see all 3 brain cells were churning in overtime to spit that out. sigh :wicked:

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Post by pevee » 22 Aug 2004 21:25

Keira. Gotta go with my own countries produce.

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Post by No99 » 22 Aug 2004 22:02

Keira, no question. She gives off that vibe that shes a real demon in bed. Portman is cool, it just seems like you'd have to beg and plead and work with her all night for some really unsatisfying sex; not that that's not satisfying in it's own twisted way.

Keira would be like shooting smack, it would be awesome and you'd go around Scottland stealing stuff trying get just one last hit.

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Post by UncleMao » 22 Aug 2004 22:42

Keira = Sexier
Portman = Smarter

I'd hit either one depending on my level of sobriety.

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Post by TCO » 22 Aug 2004 23:05

I would go with Portman, hands down. I have this thing for brainy method actresses.

Eamon Angelface
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Post by Eamon Angelface » 23 Aug 2004 00:07

As an actor you need to see more movies. I bet you fuckin suck you God damned retard. You don't understand how people can fall in love with actresses based on what roles they've played? You don't know how to fall for a character? Choose a new hobby dipshit. Somehow you've managed to be too stupid to be an actor. How's that velcro treating you cheech?

PS: Keep it short. You took way too long to make one shitty point. Fucking moron.

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Post by RobertBruce » 23 Aug 2004 01:04

Damn. I dont think theres enough of a difference to care. Hell i'd probably say the wrong name anyway :drool:
The only thing i can think of, is maybe Kiera is more flexible, but shit...they're both pretty athletic. I know, blindfold me, toss me one, and let me see if i can figure out which I have! :P

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