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Post by Justin » 27 Aug 2004 04:52

<li><A HREF="http://www.professorlauncher.com/rjacks ... mv">Psycho Girl</a> (15.9 megs)

I'LL BE YOUR BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!

(ps: need more mirrors. post links in the comments if you have one)

<li><A HREF="http://www.twodeadsluts.com/porn/Psycho ... mv">Mirror 1</A>
<li><A HREF="http://www.madtown.us/files/Psycho_Girl.wmv">Mirror 2</A>
<li><A HREF="http://www.inhumanlegion.com/Psycho_Girl.wmv">Mirror 3</A>
<li><A HREF="">Mirror 4</A>
<li><A HREF="http://www.akanon.org/Psycho_Girl.wmv">Mirror 5</A>
<li><A HREF="http://MICROSOFT.COM/fubarmirror/Psycho ... mv">Mirror 6</a>
<li><A HREF="http://www.skizzlefididdy.com/vidz/Psyc ... mv">Mirror 7</A>
<li><A HREF="http://www.yhgl.com/Psycho_Girl.html">Mirror 8</A>
<li><A HREF="http://www.theabcnetwork.com/movies/Psy ... mv">Mirror 9</a>
<li><A HREF="http://www.square-x.net/1337/Psycho_Girl.wmv">Mirror 10</A>
<li><A HREF="http://koti.mbnet.fi/~festis-/jotain/Ps ... mv">Mirror 11</A>
<li><A HREF="">Mirror 12</A>
<li><A HREF="/nsfw/Psycho_Girl.wmv">Mirror 13</A>


<li><A HREF="http://home.comcast.net/~tribb333/files ... mv">Psycho Girl Remix</a> (by tribb333)

<li><A HREF="http://fallingaway.com/upload/fubar/jus ... wmv">Remix Mirror 1</a>
<li><A HREF="http://koti.mbnet.fi/~festis-/jotain/Ps ... wmv">Remix Mirror 2</A>

Remixed version of the vid! Featuring the (remixed) theme song from REQUIEM FOR A DREAM.


And it's even better and <i>scarier</i> if you play the <A HREF="/movies/overture.mp3">remixed version of the RFAD overture</A> at the same time together with the regular vid. Try it. (update: the remixed video now features the remixed overture!)


<li><A HREF="" target="_blank">Screenshots</a>


<li><A HREF="http://homepages.wmich.edu/~m1hjjaap/ps ... p3">Psycho Girl Monologue MP3</A>
<li><A HREF="http://fallingaway.com/upload/fubar/jus ... >Monologue Mirror 1</a>


<li><A HREF="http://fallingaway.com/upload/fubar/jus ... g.mp3">The Psycho Girl Song</a>
<li><A HREF="http://sternsounds.hektik.org/Psycho%20 ... .mp3">Song Mirror 1</a>


Transcript from video:
Matt, um... You don't understand how much I like you. I know you think I like you a lot, but that's only the half of it... And I know you really don't want a girlfriend right now, but you have to think what you're putting me through...

If I can put up with you, and all your shit for this long, I'm obviously gonna stay with you forever... So, uh...  I- I really want you to know what you're missing out on. So, uh, here's a little bit of, uh, my sexual side.

There's the cleavage I don't have. There's the... boobs I kinda have. Here's my nice, firm stomach. Boobs, again. Now I pull 'em out. And I... I dropped it. Now.. What do you think about this, matt? You going to, uh, give all this up just because you don't want a girlfriend? Well, uh...I think you'd be a little bit stupid if you did that...

Don't you? But, uh, whatever. It's all up to you. And a little bit. All up to you. And no matter what.. you decide, Matt... I will always understand because.. I'm that kind of person, and just go with the flow. And I never... will underestimate you or your decision, for whatever you pick. And Matt, here's something I know you want to see... You've been waiting a long time for that, haven't you, Matt? You can have it all, the whole package. All you have to do... is ask.

And I will understand.. whatever you pick cuz I love you, Matt. And you'd be a fool to give this up. Cuz no matter how hard you try, you know. You can't just give up on me. Because deep down inside, in your little... twisted head...you love me. You're just afraid to admit it. Cuz you don't know what's going to happen to you if you tell the world... how you feel... about me.

Just do it Matt, do it right now. I know you want to. you want to so bad... It kills you. All of this... It really... It really does kill you. Mmm... So... good. Now, uh, let me show you something. This could be you that I'm pressing against, Matt. It could be you... and me. Or it could be you... and some ugly, fat chick that won't do anything for you. But me, on the other hand... I'll do anything you ask. All you have to do... Is be nice... And... You've got it.

So, Matt, I just wanted to let you know what you were missing out on. And, uh...You decide to change your mind about anything... Just let me know. Cuz I'll be here. And I totally, and utterly understand.. anything... Tell me. And no matter how much you put me through, I still love you. No matter how hard I try to forget about you. You're still on my mind.

Forever... and always.

So, uh... Just in case, Matt. Don't give up. Don't give up... too easily, cuz, uh... I don't wanna lose you.

Bye, Matt. I love you.

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Post by bligityblah » 27 Aug 2004 04:55


EDIT: Someone needs to put that to music.
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Post by Semper Phildelis » 27 Aug 2004 05:05

great jesus. ive only gotten through the first minute, but im already convinced. im all yours honey.


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Post by Justin » 27 Aug 2004 05:07

post any mirrors you find

or better yet, make one and share it here

edit: mirror removed. couldnt host it for too long because it was on my school's server!
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Post by Semper Phildelis » 27 Aug 2004 05:08

oh great jesus! im up to minute three. oh god.

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Post by Scenehater » 27 Aug 2004 05:08

I WANT I GIRLFRIEND....I DO! I DO! I DO!....and i promise i won't ever i say i won't, and i won't leave the seat up, and anything else you want....

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Post by Mike » 27 Aug 2004 05:09

<span style='color:teal'>OMG PSYCHO!!

She's insane, but I'd probably still hit it... She's a freak. ^_^</span>

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Post by Justin » 27 Aug 2004 05:11

just a fair warning, that video will eventually go down. so dont expect it to be up forever. need mirrors!

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Post by d00kee » 27 Aug 2004 05:11

how old is this girl? looks kinda young ..

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Post by stanmarsh » 27 Aug 2004 05:12

uh oh... who told this chick the secret to make dudes do whatever they want?! Who the hell was it?! Cause you need to tell some more girls!!!

Man... depression, desperation, low self esteem and a decent body. What a sad yet beautiful combination.

And this Matt guy need to wise up too
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Post by Semper Phildelis » 27 Aug 2004 05:13

obviously old enough.

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Post by Justin » 27 Aug 2004 05:14

i'd hit it

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Post by WP_LeGeNd » 27 Aug 2004 05:15

she's probably underage for you guys... but over here she's legal!!!

But I guess the guy didn't go for her... all the better for us!
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Post by a213b » 27 Aug 2004 05:19

Is anyone getting audio with it, because I've got video but no fucking audio.

I win, yet still lose.

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Post by radish01001 » 27 Aug 2004 05:19

haha, legend in the making!!

Edit: Man that was awesome, but that chick is a little too creepy...

I'd hit it.
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