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Post by Justin » 30 Oct 2004 10:12

So does it live up to the hype? Well it's definitely <A HREF="/archives/1189">messed up</A> (or fucked up; if you saw the R rated teaser instead).

Is it worth watching? DEFINITELY. So go see it before reading any further because i'm gonna go into spoiler territory now.


So. AT FIRST, i was pretty disappointed that i had the movie all figured out. Yep. Totally figured out who the bad guy was within like, the first 15 minutes or so.

See, Saw used the exact same trick that The Bone Collector pulled. They made the bad guy show up at the beginning of the movie, say one line of dialogue, and then disappear, never again to be seen until right before the end of the flick. That happened in The Bone Collector, and it happens in Saw.

Sure, there was that scene that implied that Danny Glover was the bad guy, but i didn't buy it. Plus, it just wasn't logical. Good try with that red herring though.

So yeah, i was disappointed that i had it all figured out...


Never saw that coming.

Had the movie ended on that first twist, i would've given it a B+

But that second twist ending totally bumps it up to an A-

An A- because the acting is pretty terrible in some parts. What the hell Cary? You were so good in The Princess Bride and Robin Hood: Men in Tights!

By the way, let it be known that they cut out like 8 seconds from the sawing the foot off scene (is that where the got the idea for the title of the movie?) for the R rated cut of the movie. It's probably a lot gorier in the unrated cut.

Most of the violence happens offscreen by the way. Boo.

Anyhow, i'll talk about the movie some more in the comments. Lemme know what you thought of the movie.
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Post by sheepdog » 30 Oct 2004 10:13

Definitely the first post.

What the fuck is Saw?

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Post by shiftomnimega » 30 Oct 2004 10:20

Didn't watch it, but thanks for the highlights.

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Post by efilflah » 30 Oct 2004 10:24

3rd post

Wasted first post man. :)


I thought the idea was good, but in execution It was a bit of a disappointment. The fact that he had a time limit that they never really focused on to increase the tension, it was like "well your daughter and wife are in trouble you have until 6" cut to the clock....and thats the last you see of the clock or even mention the time limit til it actually ran out.

If they had built up the frustration gradually as opposed to flip a switch and have cary suddenly go bananas it would've made the ending a lot more mind blowing.

But kudos for the second twist I didn't see it coming quite like that(although I did wonder about the body quite alot throughout the film)...overall tho' some really bad acting and a weak execution I'd give it a B grade myself...but thats just me.

took me so long to type in the fuckin dark I came 3rd in postage.
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Post by Ricochet » 30 Oct 2004 10:26

Was wondering if you were going to talk about this movie Justin. Glad you didn't forget.


I saw this with my girlfriend earlier today. Gotta say that I didn't know much about the movie coming in, and I'm glad. A lot of those killing devices were too cool, especially the reverse bear trap thing. I thought that was pretty badass in and of itself, but the 60 second timer was a nice touch. I'm surprised none of the captives shat in their pants. And I never saw the twist coming. I wondered about the dead guy for a second, but totally forgot about it, which sorta proves the point that no one gives a shit about dead or sick people when it's your ass on the line.

Just one question, that maybe I missed - didn't the guy get shot in the fucking back by a shotgun? Am I to assume that he had a bullet proof vest, or that he missed or something?

Now I'm off to spoil the movie to a bunch of people I fucking hate who want to see it.

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Post by sheepdog » 30 Oct 2004 10:27

I wish I could first post on something I actually knew and/or cared about <_<

btw, I was soo first post I was too first post. I got a message that I couldn't reply within 30 seconds of it being put up.

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Post by keykenny » 30 Oct 2004 11:25

Ya I been telling all my friends to go see it, just have to bear the GOD AWFUL acting!

So when the old man closed the door on the youngster, it's not like the young man died, for all we know cary could have found help, and told people about the room (im sure he knows where it was) And not to mention that TOTAL ripoff scene of titanic "No cary, don't leave me!" "If I don't make it", etc.... But overall the idea was awsome, i'd give it an A-

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Post by The Only Woj » 30 Oct 2004 11:51

I thought it was pretty good ... I won't give a full review, because you guys have already pointed out the same things I would be pointing out ... the killer though, what was his motive? I'm a little confused there. I thought it would have been better if they just left the twist at being someone else, and not pinning it specifically on that one dude. And does that mean that guy locked whats his name in that room, then went and killed Cary? I assume it must. It was good though ... watchin' a movie, or I'd write more ... later perhaps ...

Also saw Ray ... loved it ... Jamie Foxx was great.

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Post by Eamon Angelface » 30 Oct 2004 11:56

The last twist MADE the movie. I liked it a lot. I can't believe the Aussie who was also a lead in it wrote it. His other big movie was a little role in The Matrix Revolutions.

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Post by efilflah » 30 Oct 2004 12:06

what was his motive?
I SAW it (forgive me) a few weeks ago so going from memory (and mine really is that bad)...
Briefly I think he was trying to point out that the people with the will to survive WILL survive no matter what the cost to them or anyone else and therefore will earn the right to live their lives, whilst people like him suffer and have to live knowing that they will never have a full life (due to disease) they can however motivate people (through whatever methods) to make the most of the time they get.

or something.

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Post by The Only Woj » 30 Oct 2004 13:50

yet he kills the one dude by locking him up, now that he was "seen" and probably kills Cary, who is now bleeding to death

I still think it may have been better to just have that one guy discover the other cassette player and end it at that ... not knowing who the killer was at all. but, this ending was good, definitely a good twist I never saw coming.

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Post by Justin » 30 Oct 2004 13:54

isn't his thing to kill people without actually killing them himself?

cary probably did die from the blood loss, thus never finding help, thus leaving the guy in the bathroom chained up and left for dead.


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Post by Bartman387 » 30 Oct 2004 14:09

I'm a newbie so I know my opinion doesn't make a lick of differnece, but here goes...


How could you guys give that movie any grade above a C?? The ending was, admittedly, really good, but beyond that there was nothing. I'm not one to be disgusted by things, but the torture scenes at the beginning were just a bit too much and really added nothing but gore for the sake of being gorey. They should taken a note from Se7en, sometimes less is more. They also should have taken a note from Se7en and made the movie interesting with intriguing characters, an interesting plot, and captivating dialogue. Oh and lets not forget the two stupidest cops in the world who when confronted with the oppporitunity to suprise/capture the kiler as he enters his "lair" option to hide so they can (quote from movie) "See what he is going to do." Later on Danny Glover shows that when chasing the killer he isn't the type of cop to shoot first and ask questions later, but instead lets the killer shoot at him first and hope he doesn't get hit before he can shoot back. Not only that, but he likes to hide behind very skinny wooden poles that actually don't hide him from gunfire at all (that scene had many people rolling in the aisles). Then onto the fact that this is a movie with an impending deadline (6:00, or else you and your family is killed) that no one, including the characters, seem to care too much about.

Beyond the gore (if you enjoyed it) and the ending this movie has absolutely nothing to offer. The acting, especially after the clock hits 6:00, is laugh out loud horrible!! The script is crap (maybe thats why the acting is so bad) and the dialogue is complete drivel. the plot is somehow pretty boring, despite the fact that it is a bit of a novel idea.

TO anyone asking me if they should see this, I would tell them to see another movie first and then walk in on the last 15 minutes of this one.

Well, post 1 is under my belt. Flame on.
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Post by sulfur » 30 Oct 2004 14:23

i got to see the premiere in Atlanta way back in sept. Got to meet the Director and Actor/Writer (Adam). They were cool guys. This movie owned, i couldn't help but tell everyone, i came in contact with to go see this movie, ah its great. They did a good job for a 1 million dollar budget, and first time directing. rating A+

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Post by celldweller » 30 Oct 2004 14:29

Ricochet wrote: Am I to assume that he had a bullet proof vest, or that he missed or something?

Now I'm off to spoil the movie to a bunch of people I fucking hate who want to see it.
It seems to me that is exact what was implied by it. I saw it a few weeks ago as well and I like it, rather than a grade, I rate it 3 1/2 stars out of 5, maybe 4. The people I was with and I all figured who the killer was simply because some other people we knew who saw it told us "Man you'll never be able to figure out who the killer is." which kind of motivated us and the second we saw the guy we assumed he was the killer and left it at that. A few plot twists later we got our confirmation. As for spoiling the movie, I love doing that to people. I spoiled movies and books all throughout high school. ex.: Day one of Hamlet when the teacher was listing the characters I said something to the effect of, "Man it would be a shame if Hamlet killed Polonius and then Ophelia went crazy and drowned or something, not that that happens or anything." When The Village was coming out I warned people not to see it and when they said I don't care I'm seeing it anyway I just spoiled it for them. They still went and paid for it and then were pissed they didn't listen to me. But enough being offtopic, point of post Saw is good, spoiling stuff for people is good.
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