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Post by Starscream » 22 Nov 2004 19:23

i'd hit it.

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Post by the_lone_bard » 23 Nov 2004 00:00

Justin wrote: <a href='http://www.staticnine.com/whatthehoof/' target='_blank'>http://www.staticnine.com/whatthehoof/</a>

WHAT THE HOOF?????? wonder where they got that from
Well, we had a crack team of internet pr0n specialist investigating this very mystery. Look below for more details. The pictures say it all.
What shit, It's just copied from this and or other forums. It's not like they did any real investigation hell they even stole some of the images.

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Post by MrFuka » 23 Nov 2004 03:16

Looks like she's just missing the three middle toes to me....you can see the big toe and the little toe....

Mr. Man
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Post by Mr. Man » 23 Nov 2004 04:31

:rolleyes: I don't mind. I don't lilke feet anyway. It just locomotion so she can bring her arse over where I can touch it. Beside, put her in some nice black leather, knee high boots and I'll be damned if you wouldn't hit it :P

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Post by Creepy Bob » 23 Nov 2004 22:12

Do you think <a href='http://www.onestopinsanity.com/free/krissy.html' target='_blank'>Sweet Krissy</a>, one of her sister websites, did this to be funny?

"Hey look at my POTD; I have all 10 toes!"

super friggin hero
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Post by super friggin hero » 24 Nov 2004 09:32

<span style='color:purple'>HOLY SHIT right when I saw this post my dick got out a magnum and shot itself.

R.I.P. super friggin hero's dick
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Post by efilflah » 24 Nov 2004 10:20

I don't get the appeal of these teen teasers. I just went to the Teen Kelly site, and downloaded all the videos (all like 12 of 'em) and except for the odd whipped cream pussy lick and masterbatory act, it's so tame and boring and it's the same for TiffanyTeen and all the Lightspeed girls etc, frankly Kate is looking more and more appealing because of her hoof, at least it's something different eh? HoofSex!!

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Post by .pi » 24 Nov 2004 12:00

bah... thats all i have to say... bah!

just cause she looks differant doesn't mean we have to treat her any differant... awe fuck who am i kidding we all downloaded her to begin with because she looked beter than the rest... >_<

:angry: damns you for ruining her !!!

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Post by jimthej00 » 24 Nov 2004 15:58

more like baa baa black sheep. hooves aren't sexy.

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Post by MrFuka » 24 Nov 2004 22:23

She acts like a complete bitch on her message board.

Won't answer the question, and is pretty evasive about it, and then says it doesn't bother her.

First I thought it was cool how she wasn't deleting the posts about it when she could, but now anyone who posts gets their name changed to I suck cocks or whatever and then they change the posts to lame u r gay type things.

It's probably that moderator she's got there who thinks that her head is going to come out of the monitor and suck his dick just like her little following of drooling "fanboy" sycophants who won't hear a word against her bla bla bla it's her board she can do what she likes....the same lameasses who are paying for her bills and xboxes.

It's just exploitation of pathetic dorks like me :( I'm just glad I have the good sense not to have to pay for it

Whenever a girl posts on an internet message board a pathetic scene is sure to follow :(

Crackpot Live
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Post by Crackpot Live » 26 Nov 2004 14:50

HOOF THERE IT IS!!! LOL, im sorry i just had to post it :D

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Post by efilflah » 26 Nov 2004 23:37

Yeah because I'm sure all of us are 100% perfect.

You guys making the hoof jokes: I hope you get face cancer.

I will still go to her site
Changed yer tune a bit haven't you MrFuka?
It's just exploitation of pathetic dorks like me
Glad you realise that :P

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Post by fantismo » 29 Nov 2004 01:12

Christmas for kate, and I have a couple of superb presents for a young lady, internet model, perhaps likes herself a bit...

..and has a deformed sloth clinger.

Firstly, a sock. To disguise her nauseating, children weeping, thelidomide secret.


And secondly, to aid her escape from the torch wielding villagers, a pair of devils hooves trainers


Now Kates nice and safe and away from the NORMALS. We must get her a nice freak boyfriend to match her mutation. So they may live a quiet life in choking shame in a cave somewhere totally shit.

However, during my screening for potential matchs I reached two candidates that I felt had equal merits.

I had reached, sadly, an empass.

So now I put it to you. Readers. Which would suit Kates slutty lifestyle.

Remember this is a girl so DISGUSTED at her own image that she had to WHORE herself out as a bona fide internet cock quaffer, DISPITE being a crippled, misshapen, aberration.

Remember this.. when choosing.

Either contestant number 1 : GRADY STILES



Either contestant number 2 : FRED


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Post by Oasa » 29 Nov 2004 02:14



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Post by yakuzi » 01 Dec 2004 00:53

If anyone is still interested I found another link addition to this circus... <a href='http://www.hoofgirl.com/' target='_blank'>http://www.hoofgirl.com/</a>.

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