Lindsay Lohan's Drivers License and Credit Card?

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Post by Curseisova » 15 Dec 2004 09:45

ok, the story comes to a close.

The girl who found everything got tired (and a little freaked) by 50+ phones calls a day from people who wouldn't ID themselves. She took some photos of everything as proof, and sent Lindsay Lohan back her things (minus the coke) via mail, she mailed them to an address that LL's publisist gave her.

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Post by sheepdog » 15 Dec 2004 09:46

was it good quality coke?

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Post by vsop » 17 Dec 2004 00:50

Sonny Crockett wrote:
bando wrote:
Alias wrote:first post

she has an ugly drivers license pic

Who uses American Express anyway?
Yeah, the black card is basically invite only from AM/EX.
you have to spend something like 100k a year on their card before they ask you if you want one.
Truely a NO LIMIT card. I think you can buy little mexasians from Michigan with that card..
i guess that those cards dont even list the credit card number on them, they just are black and have the american express label on them, moreover, if you have one of those cards, you have onsite chafuer(sp) etc. on call 24/7,. some sites are calling this fake due to that fact that numbers are listed, although i have no access to the card myself :)

Actually the card is just like any other AMEX, I have one in my wallet. Both my parents have them, and I have one on my fathers account. When going to bars up here in NY and using it to run a tab, you can always tell which bartenders know that its not the regular amex.

It has numbers just like the other amex cards, its just that when they send it to you it comes with a small little package. Its a black velvet covered pamphlet that holds the books and papers listing all the services, numbers, etc.

It took us 2 years of having the plat card to be offered the black card by our representative. Too bad the concorde is not flying anymore, because the black card was able to get you free upgrades to fly on it.

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Post by adjustments » 20 Dec 2004 16:41

ok... sooo... here's my story...

One of my aunt's employees at her salon, Ann, was in New York. While leaving a club one night, her and her friends spotted a wallet on the ground. They picked it up and looked inside to find Lindsay Lohan's driver's liscence, money, and other valuables. While looking through it, they found a rolled up 20 dollar bill. Inside the 20, was none other, than cocaine. Soooo... what were they to do, but sell it on e bay..?

You probably think i'm full of crap, but really, my aunt wouldn't lie about something like this. Sooo... tell me what you think...

really.. i'm not lieing.... i promise :)

from my girlfriend's livejournal.. she posted it today (12-19). she just had a xmas party, so i guess her aunt told the story there. i don't know what to think of it. why would her aunt lie...? small world we live in.

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Post by super ninja dog » 22 Dec 2004 20:57

Lohan needs to learn from Reid B)

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Post by Curseisova » 23 Dec 2004 05:27

Did she see the wallet? B/c if she did... WOW!! Lindsay Lohan lost her wallet TWICE in a few weeks? B/c the Wallet was returned to LL's publisist last week.

and yes, I did see the wallet/handbag (whatever girls call them)

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