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Post by april » 30 Dec 2004 10:17

i've actually never had any symptoms of pms in my life & also HATE it when girls use it as an excuse to be bitchy - and trust me, those girls use it as an excuse with other girls, too. it's not just with their boyfriends.
i've also never had cramps or anything else negative happen as a result of my period - just the period itself. i've been lucky. besides, if i ever tried to be a bitch & then be like "oh, it's pms," my husband wouldn't put up with it anyway. :)

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Post by Smash » 30 Dec 2004 11:19

Justin gets PMS.

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Post by pangwinking » 30 Dec 2004 12:09

Justin is a girl. That's why he's so stupid.

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Post by lizzi » 30 Dec 2004 12:55

doode, justin. i had forgotten that you could actually write. kudos on a great post.

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Post by Slippinphilippics » 04 Jan 2005 10:11

Thanks for the info! Now I just need a gf..

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Post by Phife » 06 Jan 2005 19:01

PMS for my lady means extremes. She either loves me more than ever or she hates me and can't stand the sight of me. She wants to fuck for hours or she wants to fight and yell. She wants to cuddle and be sweet or she wants to hit me with a crystal candlestick. (And you other ladies are right...the pill made the mood swings worse!).

What is really amazing to me is that she will go from one extreme to the others so quickly and without explanation or apology. It is a lot to put up with. But hey...I like internet porn, farting, and belching at the dinner table. Its a trade off.

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