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Post by Kaz24 » 06 Jan 2005 11:43

:omfg: YIKES ! :omfg:

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Post by ruprechtjones » 06 Jan 2005 15:56

Clare, keep the glasses. It's a good look.

The right glasses, even if they're not prescription, serve as a frame to the picture. If one has nice eyes, the glasses draw attention to them. Certain hair styles do the same to frame the face.

True story: when I surf porn, I look at the face/eyes combo far more than the body or the cheesy pose. I'm a freak that way.

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Post by super friggin hero » 17 Jan 2005 11:09

MindTricked wrote:<span style='color:purple'><span style='font-family:Arial'>Damn, I love girls in glasses (with nice asses, especially :D).&nbsp; Ever since the 7th grade, 'cause my first girlfriend-type-person wore 'em (and, honestly, looked better with them on).

I'd run away with Tina Fey.&nbsp; Seriously.

*returns to lurk mode*</span></span>
<span style='color:purple'>COLOR THEFT!!!!!1

I also wear glasses, well, I should, but I don't.

girls who wear glasses > girls who don't wear glasses</span>

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Post by lizzi » 17 Jan 2005 12:33

well... this thread makes me feel a lot happier about my icon.

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Post by the good doctor » 18 Jan 2005 04:21

Jessamaka wrote:i love glasses and Tina Fey. I used to have cat eyed glasses and someone told me i looked like her. I have to disagree, but what a compliment!

Hey there Jessamaka- show us the goods. Let us tell if you look like her or not. Perhaps a topless shot with your glasses on would be best!!

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