Resident Evil 4

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Post by Justin » 07 Jan 2005 20:27

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The <A HREF="" target="_blank">IGN review</A> is up. And it looks like it won't disappoint. It's a 9.8 baby. I can't wait. I already have the collectors edition paid off at Gamestop. Less than a week away before it's out.

RE games i've played:

<li>Resident Evil
<li>Resident Evil Remake
<li>Resident Evil 2
<li>Resident Evil Code Veronica

Never got around to playing 0, 3, Outbreak or any of the light gun games. But i think i've played all the best ones in the series. All the other sequels and prequels didn't seem all that hot, judging from reviews. But with RE4, it looks like the RE series is finally going to be good again.

Best Resident Evil scare?

When that stupid zombie dog jumps through the window in that hallway in the first RE.

By the way, i hate Capcom for scaring me again, with the same exact trick, in the REmake (although it happened a little bit later, they switched some of the scares around) even though i EXPECTED it to happen. Okay maybe i didn't. I actually thought they did away with that scare. Since it never arrived when i expected it to. Because it would've been predictable. But they did it. A little bit later. When i wasn't expecting it. And they got me. Goddamn boo scares.

I can't wait to see what they have in store for RE4.
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Post by Umgawa » 07 Jan 2005 20:33

My personal favorite scare was in the remake of the first Resident Evil game, where I'm all expecting your run-of-the-mill Romero-style shambling zombies, and then the fuckers run. I'm like, "Shit!" The dog through the window, though, was a nice jolt, as was the same kind of trick in the second game.

EDIT: First, you fanboys. Ha.
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Post by BabyEaterMmm » 07 Jan 2005 20:38

This is a Front Page Post orgy today. I love it! This may be the first RE game, or any product with the RE tag on in, that I get. Although I was saying my money for MA2.

I may just rent this from Blockbuster, keep it for 40 days, and only get charged the late fee + 1.25.

EBGames > GameStop

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Post by ______destroy » 07 Jan 2005 20:40

Justin wrote: Best Resident Evil scare?

When that stupid zombie dog jumps through the window in that hallway in the first RE.

i remember playing the game with my brother.. he was sitting next to me watching as i was exploring the rooms then i finally reached that hallway and BANG!!1 we both laughed so hard after because we nearly shit ourselves :cry:


im gonna buy a gamecube just for this game i cant wait!1

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Post by Observant » 07 Jan 2005 20:41

Even when I played through the remake a second time, and was waiting for that fucking dog, it still suprised me.

The fast zombies get to be annoying after a while I stop trying to burn them up (lack of karosine) and instead just sprint by them.

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Post by deadmeat » 07 Jan 2005 20:47

Closing Comments
Wow. I had some pretty high expectations for Resident Evil 4 and to my complete surprise the title actually exceeded them. This is simply the best survival horror game ever created. In fact, had it come out in 2004, it would have been my pick for Game of the Year.

With Resident Evil 4, Capcom has successfully -- triumphantly -- taken the franchise to the next level. It's really emphasized the "survival" in survival horror, too. You're oftentimes on the run for your life. And villagers, much smarter than any zombie, team up, dodge bullets, and do other nasty things that I will let you discover on your own. Then there are the boss fights, which are unexpectedly brilliant. This game is extremely scary, and that fear is intensified by the best graphics and some of the most eerie audio on Nintendo's console.

When you add in the new camera and action systems, as well as Leon's excellent new analog targeting function, you have a completely transformed survival horror experience. One that eclipses everything before it. Indeed, even after 20-plus hours of non-stop thrills, you won't want to put the controller down.

You don't own Resident Evil 4. It owns you.

An absolute must-have.
What the fuck gets that kind of review at IGN....not many... shit...none at all. Im def gonna have to go pick this up.

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Post by radadam » 07 Jan 2005 23:45

Geebus that dog was a good one. Honestly I've played that twice within the last year (in the dark, for good measure) and it works every time. Too bad the controls are pretty wonky on the Cube for that game. I've got high expectations too, I'll probably get this for the "collection" given that out of the past 20 games I've bought, I've played about 3 of them...

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Post by Ricochet » 08 Jan 2005 01:42

I remember sitting at home one night and my best friend calling me, begging me to come over because he was too scared to play RE1. He'll deny it up and down now, but that night when I came over, he and his cousin were sitting wide-eyed in front of a big screen tv practically shitting themselves.

As much as it's going to kill me, I'm planning on playing RE4 about a month after it releases, when I'll have my surround sound system hooked up. The RE series has never really scared me all that much, but I think that, in the dark and all alone with a nice Pro Logic II set up, i too will shit my pants.

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Post by gimptastic » 08 Jan 2005 04:12

The first Resident Evil I ever played was 2 for n64, and I always freaked out when the licker came in from the ceiling vent and later through the mirror.

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Post by Bacon » 08 Jan 2005 08:49

I have my CE tin preordered too.

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Post by Rei no Otaku » 08 Jan 2005 12:27

I'm such a RE fanboy. I cannot freakin wait for this game!

I own:

3 copies of the first RE
3 copies of RE2
2 copies of RE3
2 copies of RE:CV
RE: Survivor
RE: Gaiden
RE: Dead Aim

Favorites are a tie between REmake and RE2. I loved the character A and B games in RE2. Worst, not counting Survivor and Gaiden since that's a given, is CV. I just didn't like it that much.

So yeah, huge fan. Got my collector's edition paid off as well.

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Post by yupyup » 09 Jan 2005 07:24

Ive played most of them, except for the light gun ones and the shitty N64 versions. My favorite was CV probably because my gf really got into it with me, and she hates everything to do with videogames.

Anybody see the commercials yet? This game looks insane

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Post by efilflah » 09 Jan 2005 10:35

I only played (fully) RE 1 & 2 on the PS.

I loved the first one, the second was good...but there was something about the "B-movie" quality of the first one; possibly the fact that (being the first) the whole game was kind of a modern tribute to Alone in the Dark (one of my favouritest games) and was a real surprise at the time.

I had a go at number 3, but it felt tired and less interesting. I'm sure it was a decent game but I never got into it and since I don't own a PS or any console anymore I'll be giving this one a miss.

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Post by Justin » 16 Jan 2005 12:27

so, who's got the game and how far along are you? i'm up to chapter 4-4 now with 11 and a half hours on the clock. RE4 is amazing. if you don't already have a gamecube, it's worth buying one just to be able to play this game. it's that good.

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Post by sammy » 16 Jan 2005 14:16

Haven't picked this up yet. But i've played:

RE 1
RE 2
RE 3
RE code veronica x

so i think i'm good to go, oh and i loved the third one. Gettin chased by nemesis was the best

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