Resident Evil 4

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Post by Justin » 21 Jan 2005 06:46

i actually havent seen the face melting death scene. only heard about it. i never died while fighting those sewer bugs

ashley only calls you a pervert if you try to look at her panties ^_^

the ballistics joke made me laugh

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Post by banky » 21 Jan 2005 07:03

If Ashley is behind you when you pull off that suplex move, Leon's head winds up below her and she yells "pervert" as if he was normally looking up her skirt. It happened to me in that gallery part where a swarm of monks rush you.

Luis was cool " I see the president's daughter is equipped with ballistics." That line goes into the RE hall of fame along with "master of unlocking."

Imagine Justin saying that to Barbara or Jenna Bush?

Rei no Otaku
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Post by Rei no Otaku » 21 Jan 2005 07:44

I haven't seen the face melting either. Though everyone is talking about it. I think I'll let myself die when I get back up there...

Coolest death scene I did see was from the Garrador, that guy with the claws. He stuck one set of claws through Leon's head, lifted him off the ground by it, then stuck the other set through his stomach. Nice XD

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