Libby Hoeller Lives

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Post by Justin » 13 Jan 2005 01:24

Been sorta sitting on this for over a week now. Couldn't get around to posting about it until now but nevertheless, here it is:

<blockquote>hi justin. i have been here for awhile just lurking. i live in madison, wi and i am very familiar with the libby hoeller saga. today while working (i work for a major clothing retailer), two people approached me while i was working at the registers. i processed the transaction as per usual and when she handed over her card for me to swipe and i decided to look at the name this once out of boredom. low and fucking behold, the name on the front of the card was elizabeth hoeller. i looked at it again, ,y eyes widened, and i looked at her. she was still signing her name to the charge draft slip so she didnt notice me gawking at her. i couldn't believe it. i sent her on her way and continued on with my line of people.

and in case you didn't believe me, i saved the charge draft to prove that elizabeth hoeller did indeed use my register and interacted with me. i have to black out the account and other sensitive information, but if you would like to see it, i will send a scan of the receipt, a picture of me with it, and any other proof you may need. you were the first person i thought of when i discovered it was her.</blockquote>
<li><A HREF="/movies/libbyhoellerreceipt.jpg" target="_blank">The Libby Receipt</A>

Ah <A HREF="/archives/444">Libby Hoeller</A>... your legend still lives on.

I don't know what's funnier. The fact that i've become somehow associated with her or the fact that the receipt was framed.

Thanks to mitchevious for sending this in.
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Post by Seriously » 13 Jan 2005 01:25

<span style='color:maroon'>Third post!

Calling all FBI agents.</span>
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Post by Dope » 13 Jan 2005 01:29

where's the pic of the she naked in it? ...quit holding out on us!! :veryangry:

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Post by mitchevious » 13 Jan 2005 01:29

yep. i was 2 feet away from the libby hoeller.

for a small fee, i will let you into my apartment, sit on my couch, and observe the framed receipt. line forms to the left.

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Post by JordanSnowSucks » 13 Jan 2005 01:30

I love the fact that you framed the receipt.

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Post by Bartman387 » 13 Jan 2005 01:35

The fact that it is framed is hilarious and sad all at the same time.

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Post by DMBrules » 13 Jan 2005 01:41

more so sad than hilarious

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Post by Seriously » 13 Jan 2005 01:44

<span style='color:maroon'>Whatever happened to the Fubar bar of girls?</span>

Mr. Buttfister
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Post by Mr. Buttfister » 13 Jan 2005 01:49

if that were me, i would have asked if she would mind dancing around to muzak and masturbating with the pen she was using while i filmed it.

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Post by william » 13 Jan 2005 01:50

Did you actually take the copy meant for the store? So if the accounts dont add up its your ass on the line? Im not quite sure what the policy is for taking reciepts and such.

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Post by nioxin » 13 Jan 2005 01:51

sweet there is a god, i love libby. thx justin cause of you this great thing keeps on going

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Post by Seriously » 13 Jan 2005 01:54

<span style='color:maroon'>Image

The FBI are coming.</span>

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Post by Nerima » 13 Jan 2005 02:09

Libby should start her own website and make millions. Then hire a hitman and have her ex-boyfriend killed.

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Post by whatsup » 13 Jan 2005 02:10

mitchevious, I can't beleive anyone has asked... How did she look?

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Post by WP_LeGeNd » 13 Jan 2005 02:16


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