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Post by badbart » 22 Jan 2005 02:58

super ninja dog wrote:I still love you Libby Hoeller! It was me who placed the 12 dozen roses in the back seat of your car on your birthday last year! B)

maybe we will see each other again someday :cry:
Somebody needs a little help.
Sounds like ol' super ninja dog is a serious (no, I'm not talking about you, Serious) stalker. Can you say "taking things just a bit too far"?

Back to my initial reason for posting in this thread...does anyone still have any of the pictures of Libby and her classmates? (maybe I'm the one with the stalker issues)

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Post by SpenceMan01 » 22 Jan 2005 16:14

Hey everyone, I'm new here, but I'd like to share something I noticed. Why, on the receipt, is the time listed PST? Madison is in the Central time zone, not the Pacific. Someone plz clarify.

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Post by The Colonel » 22 Jan 2005 16:34

Having worked in retail and knowing the general idea behind the operations of the register I can say with some certainty that this isn't necessarily sure fire proof it's a hoax, but does cast a LARGE shadow of doubt. In any "major clothing retailer" registers are connected to a home office network that updates computer dates/times. In order for this computer to be wrong ALL of the computers in the central time zone would have to be wrong, which isn't out of the realm of possibilities. Then again, there is one thing that has always bothered me, how did he get the charge reciept out of the store? They're all accounted for at the end of the night, and managers usually watch for people taking things out of the register (i.e. cash.)

There is one sure way of knowing for a fact, though. Someone who works for this compnay could easily print the picture and scan the receipt to bring up that transaction. But that would only prove an "Elizabeth Hoeller" was in that store, not THE Elizabeth Hoeller. Although a search on only produces 1 living in MO. Most likely the others had their numbers unlisted...

Edit: I also wonder, if he claims to live in Wisconsin why his user time is for EST. And another thing, on his tripod page he either misspelled his dad's last name or his own. And lastly, I did a background check for a Patrick Rowan or a Henry Rowan/Rowen and while they're not always full proof, no one by those names lives in Wisconsin. This could all be easily explained away but who knows...
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Post by urbandog » 07 Oct 2005 04:45

Libby is now apparently grown up and working as a manger/asst buyer at a Madison WI clothier called Sassafras and Karen & Co

see her quotes here:
<a href=' ... 58&ntpid=5' target='_blank'> ... ntpid=5</a>

307-309 State St
Madison WI

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Post by gulliver » 07 Oct 2005 18:09

Seriously wrote:Image

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