I Miss Making Out

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Post by pyrates » 30 Jan 2005 18:47

I'll make out with ya Eve :) Im sure it'll bring back some memories for ya.

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Post by ryancook » 30 Jan 2005 21:47

Yeah. I know what you mean. Sometimes it does feels like there is something missing. I like watching my girl make out with other girls. That always gets me going.
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Post by speakEz » 30 Jan 2005 22:51

Eve...... your a fucking jerry's kid.

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Post by vxvhedpevxv » 30 Jan 2005 23:59

I miss making out with dudes too

Mr. Buttfister
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Post by Mr. Buttfister » 31 Jan 2005 04:14

eddie murphy was right.

women are never happy.

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Post by grind187 » 31 Jan 2005 04:42

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Post by BabyEaterMmm » 31 Jan 2005 06:50

grind187 wrote:this crap was not worth a front page post.

women are manipulative bitches who are never happy unless they get what they want.

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Post by SigmundFrodo » 31 Jan 2005 06:51

Eve, you should be expressing these wants to your man. We are not mindreaders.

Personally, I love playing kissyface!

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Post by ~vjay~ » 31 Jan 2005 07:06

probably doesn't have a girlfriend because no one wants him,
he is one of those guys who wants a bare foot & pregnant wife in the kitchen catering to his every whim while he sits on his fat arse drinking beer & watching the sports channel.

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Post by puzzlehead » 31 Jan 2005 07:42

~vjay~ wrote:grind187=knobhead
Whew...I thought you said 'puzzlehead'. Then I would have had to have killed myself out of misery.

Back on topic: Eve, trust me when I say that your feelings aren't unknown to anyone who has been in a longterm relationship. How long have you and your guy been in yours?

When it comes down to it, you learn to appreciate your mate for all that they do because you're not single. You no longer have to worry about catching various sexually transmitted diseases, whether you can fart in front of him or even use the bathroom with the door open near him. In essence, you find someone that allows you to be yourself. As you get older its these small things that we tend to take for granted: being saved from being single. Now, mind you - all you single people out there are probably going to call me a dumbass and that I don't know what I'm talking about and that I'm whipped. Au contraire, mes amis. Whereas you may point out that you get to go through life sampling different people, those of us in longterm relationships have (for the most part) a sense of security.

Do I miss the passion of kissing and the pitter pat of my heart when I've met someone new? Of course. I'd be a fool not to say that. Who doesn't like the sweaty palms, the longing to be next to that person, the first peck and then eventually the hot and heavy making out. You're exploring something/someone new. But eventually, even that gets old.

The best advice that I can give you is what SigmundFrodo eloquently wrote: you should be expressing these wants to your man. Trying to make a relationship fresh and exciting all the time takes a lot of work on both your parts (that sounded weird - which parts of you?!). Tell him you wish he were more romantic, that he would take you places and act like you've just met. Try to treat him the way you want to be treated. But above all else, just talk it out. It will be awkward and it will probably suck but you never know unless you try.

Best of luck to you.

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Post by AynSof » 31 Jan 2005 08:17

Puzzlehead's an old romantic. :wub:

Just don't look at his sig.

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Post by Seriously » 31 Jan 2005 08:28

grind187 wrote:this crap was not worth a front page post.

women are manipulative bitches who are never happy unless they get what they want.
<span style='color:maroon'>Just to satisfy you, Justin is having me put up a post for him.

Here goes:</span>

you lose



to bad yep to bad

Seacrest out!

<span style='color:maroon'>Hopefully now, everyone is satisfied.</span>
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Post by efilflah » 31 Jan 2005 10:00

People get bored of routines....sure they serve us well in the beginning, but if you want the constant excitement of teenage romance you need to constantly break up with and go out with different people (preferably hott teenagers), but then that becomes a routine in itself and you start longing for that what you once had, you go around in circles, we are all dogs chasing our tails, the only difference is that we delude ourselves into thinking we are "above" that kind of behaviour.

When things start out you are clouded by infatuation, eventually that wanes and common interests, imaginative bedroom antics and usually children are the main reasons people stay together and half the time even that's not enough. The romantic notion of "love" in my opinion is as much a reality as Santa Claus (yes he's not real kids), as such you can imagine the situation where if you were to celebrate christmas every single day you'd pretty much be fucking sick of it after a few months, why does the same not apply to our other halves? Because they are constantly surprising us? Because they are our eternal life partners? No, we learn their tricks and traits within a few months, learn more about their background over the next year or so, suffice it to say that you know all you need to know about someone after a few years unless they've purposely kept things hidden and pretty much everyone eventually longs for someone or something else in their lives somewhere down the line, it's just some of us live in a longer state of denial than others.

Human nature always takes over in the end, and it's human nature to be greedy and dissatisfied.

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Post by Jonstafa » 31 Jan 2005 10:15

I remember a time on these boards when people respected what eve had to post and there wouldn't be this bullshit "that post sucked" nonsense. If you can't be halfway decent then don't say anything at all. I think it's a good thing that eve trusts some of our opinions enough to post something like that. Don't be an asshole just because you fail at life.

And eve, I think that you just have to have some alone time sometimes. I used to be in a relationship where we did everything together and neither of us did anything with any of our other friends unless we were doing it together. Everything just becomes routine, like you said. You need to have a "girls night" every once in a while. Don't spend every waking moment with the guy. I know for a fact that I couldn't stand to be in a relationship where I saw that person every second of every day. It wouldn't matter how compatible we were, I wouldn't be able to stand it. If he understands you then he won't bitch and complain about it. Chances are, he feels the same way.

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Post by michlersoft » 31 Jan 2005 10:19

I remember a time nobody cared what Jonstafa had to say.
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