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Post by Protege » 11 May 2006 19:52

hey, this is directed at justin, but i think heaps of you guys prolly know how i'd make one. I'm quite good at designing websites, i've made several html ones and a few flash website, but i have never tried to make an interactive website such as a blog. I've seen blogger ofcourse and i was thinking of using that and externally ftp hosting but i don't think they can make it look as good as this one.

So my question is: is it possible that you can give me a template for this site, or a skin or whatever you used. The site i want to make is really small, its just a site for my friends and our party photos (i'm from australia btw). Yeh so i just want a nice blog design.. where i can post our events and pictures and also allow people to comment on it.

If anyone else knows how to do this please fill me in. Thanks.

Please help me asap.
Just post something here or i can give you my email and we can discuss it.
Thanks and good work on your website justin! its birllaint.

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Post by Pitchit » 11 May 2006 21:02

This forum software was created by <a href=' ... index.html' target='_blank'>INVISION.</a>
You may want to talk to them.

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Post by Eamon Angelface » 11 May 2006 22:05

I think he means the front page.

If you're "quite good" and programming with flash AND php then taking one of the templates blogspot provides and making it look decent should be in no way a problem.

If you mean the forums then yeah this is an Invision Powerboard and I think they cost about 150 bucks or something to buy the liscence for. Don't quote me that though.

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Post by Pitchit » 11 May 2006 23:00

There's a front page?


Thank God you can bookmark anything and skip all the crap.

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Post by gulliver » 12 May 2006 00:00


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Post by Smash » 12 May 2006 00:16

he thinks heaps of us know how he'd make one.

Wha? Engrish? FYI - It is generally frowned upon to design steal.

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