all your memes are belong to us

Shoot the shit.
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all your memes are belong to us

Post by psyper » 18 Aug 2010 06:21

Just had a chat with one of my non-tech friends who are just starting to get on to the interwebs - about fucking time if you ask me!! but we got talking about this whole internet meme stuff and I found a few youtube vids and sent them to him to get him in to it and was wondering why dlt doesnt have a thread for them. I know we have one for funny youtube vids and pictures n shit but nothing that lists every meme known and new ones as they crop up so here it is - shoot the shit.

I'll start off with a primer

- it doesnt have them all and Ive probably missed loads out when passing them on to my mate so this is where you guys come in. Post a reply here with your favourite or a popular meme in here - it can be a youtube vid or gif or pic or link to a site - anything really that became popular across the interwebs. It can be one of the clips that was shown in the vid above or something that is completely different - have fun and go nuts!!
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Re: all your memes are belong to us

Post by efilflah » 19 Aug 2010 07:21

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Re: all your memes are belong to us

Post by AngelBaby » 19 Aug 2010 09:49

Another handy reference:

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