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Re: Mid-season cheat sheet (2010 TV)

Post by Dex » 27 Dec 2009 16:17

psyper wrote:Dex, been given a few differences to your list - not sure which is right though so I'm hoping that your source has change the following too:

11/1 Fringe
11/1 House
19/1 90210
19/1 Melrose Place
21/1 Vampire Diaries
2/3 Southland
10/4 The Tudors
Smash is right about the formatting, but you might be right about the schedule changes... the networks are swapping around things before mid-season begins, as I mentioned in my FOX rant. They might start up Fringe on Monday (the 11th), just to fuck with Chuck (copyright 2009), and then move it back to the normal Thursday slot, but who knows.
As far as the other ones, all shows can be altered at the last minute... so your guess is a good as mine at this point.

From TVguide.com

Fringe On break, returns: 01-11 (monday)
House On break, returns: 01-11 (monday)
90210 On break, returns: 01-19 (tuesday)
Vampire Diaries, The On break, returns: 01-14 (thursday)
Southland On break, returns: 03-02* (tuesday)
Tudors, The On break, returns: 04-11 (suunday)

* a note on Southland - Apparently they are promoting it as "starting Jan 12", but that is Season 1, which never aired on TNT, but is technically not "new"... just "new to TNT". The actual NEW episodes of season 2 start on March 2nd.
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