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5 04 2003

I was bored. So i decided to unblock the people that weren’t already on my buddylist so that they could IM me. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be me, and what kinds of IMs i usually get, well…

30/3/03 10:39 PM
Tyler560: why won’t treble chager come to the states?

23/3/03 10:38 AM
perutaisgod: r u avril lavigne

02/4/03 5:13 PM
FuguePartisan: he was a man… well, more like a dragon-man… or maybe just a dragon- but he was stil TROGDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR

04/4/03 11:54 PM
AJisKewl: The smiling frog winks at me….then frees his young companions
AJisKewl: Please, the elephant has a brain Tumor

02/4/03 3:25 PM
juice2027: i wanna know.. how many times you have been random messaged since u unblocked everybody….
juice2027: e-pimp.

28/3/03 11:30 PM
WhackedSka: so your not avril?
WhackedSka: so your not really avril?
WhackedSka: see your not cuz avril would answer back, defending her avrilness
WhackedSka: your a poser

02/4/03 6:04 PM
NorthKoreanP0wer: how do i become as cool as you?

04/4/03 10:46 PM
ObsesiveInsanity: youre avril lavigne right?


So i got this e-mail a coupla days ago.

Subject: hey im sorry
From: “Beth Dougherty”
Date: Sat, Mar 29 2003 5:21:18 AM +0000

hey, i know you dont really know me but i have kinda talking to u on AIM, my name is beth, my screen name is BrandX2wo my friend joe had givin me your screen name and told me that you yourself were avril, n then i went to your site n i realized you werent, i am a big fan of hers n im sorry if i caused u any inconvenience. i would like it if u would email me back n let me know u got this email alright… thank you



Aww. Poor girl. Anyhow, i figured i’d just try IMing her and talking to her. Just to see if she’s new girlfriend material. Haha. I kid. She’s like what, 16. That’s like Suzi’s age. EW. Anyway, so i’m talking to this girl and we’re talking about Avril and how she wants to hump her (she bisexual apparently) and then she direct connects to me and sends me a picture of herself! And i didn’t even have to ask!

  • 16 year old Beth

    I don’t think she’ll mind me posting that pic up. I mean she has the same pic on her Hot or Not page and this Bang Me thingy that she has. Kinda like Hot or Not. So yeah. It’s not like you can’t find that pic online or anything.

    You know, sometimes i wonder why i don’t just go out there and take advantage of these kiddies and get them to just send me pictures of their naked boobs. I’m sure they probably would. I mean, look, i didn’t even have to ask her for that pic! And remember that balloon girl? The 14 year old? She sent me a picture of herself in a bikini top sitting in front of a birthday cake! And i didn’t even have to tell her to do that for me!

    Damn me for being such a nice guy and not wanting to take advantage of my power!

    02/4/03 3:33 PM
    DrunkenGorg: Hey, this is the guy from You were posting soemthing about emo earlier, and I found this…

    Hahaha. Speaking of EMO…

    Subject: Possibly Faggot Looking EMO sighting
    From: “Nick”
    Date: Thu, Apr 3 2003 5:54:48 AM -0500

    I don’t know if you heard/seen this band called AFI on MTV but i saw them twice with some song thats apprently a prelude to something (ghey).

    Anyway i couldn’t really understand WTF they were singing about but it sounded like he was saying “i will follow” a lot and yelling words for a long time but he didn’t sound like the devil when he did it so I assume its some kind of EMO crap. On top of that the lead singer had hair down to his ass and the guitarest had a dykie looking haircut and it was a dude. And at some point in the song when he wasn’t yelling crap him and the guitarest were really into each other staring at one another. The drummer and other guitarest weren’t getting much camera time so I assume they were the sex gimps of the other two.

    You’re probably talking about A Fire Inside. How do i know this? Google of course. Did you really think i’d know anything about music at all aside from Avril Lavigne?

    Ooh ooh. Speaking of Avril Lavigne, how about that new video of hers eh? Especially that part where she stagedives into the crowd. I was watching her ‘making the video’ thing for that video and she was like saying how the guys in the crowd were like groping her and grabbing her ass and stuff and i was like “AHH I WISH I GOT TO GROPE AND GRAB HER ASS!!”. But oh well.

    Subject: I made a game.
    From: “Will Boyd”
    Date: Thu, Apr 3 2003 7:21:11 PM -0500

    Hey Justin. Remember that half Korean webmaster from Gear Factory? Yeah, it’s me.

    I made this game called Align 4. I’m all proud of it because it’s my first public software release. Anyway, I’m freely distributing the game as freeware, and I was wondering if you could help me spread the word by plugging my game on your site.

    URL for the game:

    By the way, I added your link back to Gear Factory. I took it down a long time ago when your site seemed to be gone (which, looking back, seems to happen a lot), and never got around to putting it back up. But then, I’d feel guilty asking you for a plug without even linking to your site, so I took care of that.


    Will Boyd

    Anyway, that’s it for now kiddies. And remember girls, SHOW ME YOUR BOOBS. Voluntarily of course.

  • long post! :o

    6 12 2002

    Subject: make it stop…
    From: Jon xxxxxxxx
    Date: Mon, Dec 2 2002 8:56:24 PM -0800 (PST)


    I would like to take this opportunity to offer some feedback on the recent developments at As one of your dedicated readers (*loser*), and biggest fans (*loser bored off his ass, putting off working by writing this e-mail*), I hope that you will appreciate the comments I have to offer. I feel like I speak for all the men out there who still visit your site with the hopes it will return to its former glory.

    As a low-ping DSL computer geek in college (*thats an understatement*), I happened upon your site one Friday night after too many bars and way too many women (*I wish*). It became one of my favorite reads. As the days passed by, you and I went through many wonderful highs and some terrible lows. Then, much like Michael Jordan, you retired, then returned, only to retire and then return again.

    Since our wonderful days together in college, I have had to move into a dial-up (*sucks*) situation, I had to sell my beloved computer (*damn the man*) to save money for a wedding ring, and probably most dramatic (*traumatic*), I got married.

    So for many months, your site was where I came to have an excuse to look at beautiful women. Much like a poor man’s Playboy magazine on the internet, I came for the great articles, but was able to look at beautiful women simply by default because they were right there staring at me. Whenever I needed an escape from the exciting world of married life (*riiiiight*), or whenever I needed a dose of just good-old fashioned manliness, I would visit your site. And let me tell you that Angelina, Jennifer, and Avril can’t all be wrong.

    But recent events are quite disturbing. First, there’s this Ellen Feiss thing. For the first couple of days, I thought it was funny. I appreciated the joke. Now every woman I see on the street is wearing zipper-sweats, is totally flat-chested, and has buck teeth. Since my badinagoodway testosterone outlet has dried up, I went to a strip club with my pals last night to compensate. All the women there were wearing zipper-sweats, and were mumbling “beep beep bip blip bleep bleep bleep bleep”. Please. Please make the Ellen Feiss thing stop. My wife is even starting to look like her.

    Second, I can’t take much more of these girls who post on your site. The last 5 posts are from girls, and it’s the same-old, same-old I hear every day. Nothing but “I’m too fat / my boobs are too small / this girl is so hot so I will hate her / you can’t look at that hot girl because I hate her / if you do look at her, we will make you feel guilty as possible / YADDA YADDA YADDA”. I understand you need help with content and all, but please make them stop. It’s so hard to hear that all the time, and then get on the internet and have to read it all over again.

    So on behalf of all of your male readers, I will summarize: less chicky posts, more manly posts. WAY less Ellen Feiss, WAY more fine-ass broads. A return to the badinagoodway we once knew.


    I’m actually surprised by the number of married guys that actually read this site. All this while i’ve always thought that the only people who come here are stupid 14 year old kids looking for bangbus passwords.

    And speaking of bangbus passwords, Psykodelik, i think it’s time for some new ones. The 500+ that you gave us the last time don’t work anymore. =(

    With regards to Ellen Feiss, i’m probably gonna be switching girls sometime soon. Maybe by next week or something. After i’m done with my finals. I’ve got exams on the 9th and the 12th. Feh. And i also have to move out of my room into one of the WMU apartments for winter break because the stupid reslife people decided to close all the res halls during the break. Blah. That means i’m going to have to pack up most of my stuff and cart everything all the way to the apartments in the middle of winter on the slippery snowy roads and sidewalks. =(

    I’ve been having problems with my FTP server lately. The time it takes me to upload a single 60k file just takes FOREVER. It took me about 45 minutes just to upload all those Tia Carrere Playboy Pics last night. Ridiculous. I would like to go back to posting up celeb pics and stuff like how the “badinagoodway we once knew” was before but as long as it takes over 3 minutes just to upload one pic, it’s probably not happening anytime soon. Stupid FTP. I don’t know if it’s the server that’s being dumb or if it’s just my connection. It didn’t use to be like this before but oh well.

    Speaking of uploading stuff…

    whatever happend to that really really hot girl that u had a link to. she had all those pics of herself on her website..listed by colors. really really fine. well link to her again, cuz she was hot & i want to see her pic again. thanks, biatches

    Posted by gza – 5:44pm November 29, 2002

    …i spent about an hour uploading pictures of Crystal tonight. Some of you might remember her. She used to be one of the girls that i had linked up on that little row of heads thing that i have on the site. The ‘Girls of FUBAR’ if you may. She posted here a coupla times. Some you long time readers might remember her. Most of you newbies probably didn’t even know she existed. But anyway, she was a cool chicka. Used to IM her just about every night and then one day, she just upped and quit her site. And then COMPLETELY disappeared off the net.

    I was looking though my archives and interestingly enough, she sent me a fansign (without me even asking for one!) almost exactly 1 year ago on my birthday of all times! That was a pretty nice birthday surprise if i do say so myself.

    Anyway, i let her post on the site a coupla days later (how shocking) and this was her first post.

    This was her second really short one and this was her last one. =(

    Four things i have discovered while looking through the archives for Stal’s stuff.

    1. I miss Stal =(
    2. A year ago, there was usually an average of 5 comments per post =(
    3. Sometimes even less =(
    4. I sound really gay whenever i leave comments on my own site =(

    Anyway, i’ve been searching around the internet for any signs of her and all i could find was her new livejournal thing. Which hasn’t been updated in like 7 months. Which was just around the time she disappeared i think.

    Fansigns she’s made me:

  • More pics here

    Hrm. Nobody ever makes me any fansigns anymore =(

    You all suck you know that.

    Subject: what can i say?
    From: “Wayne Marsden”
    Date: Mon, Dec 2 2002 12:35:30 AM +0000

    … rofl! Your site, yea… it took me a while to understand wtf the deal with it was, but gee it seems rather god damn crazy and cool as fuck! Nice! You seem pretty nice yourself :D, anyways I felt id drop you a message cuz the way you are seems cool, iv read through the FAQS and you seem like you have humour… I mean most people you try having a joke with now and all you’ll get is like ‘Fuck of bitch, leave my wife alone’ or sommet and its like ‘huh?’… If this seems fucked, its probably because … it is! lol anyways felt id drop you a line im gonna try and understand ur site sometime soon! Reply if you feel a reason to do so, and if your not dead :p


    Pffft. Everybody knows that i never reply to my email. I do however read each and every single one that i get though. And i usually post up the more post worthy ones on the site to either a) respond to them or b) ridicule them and call people stupid.

    Subject: ummmm
    From: Michael D Thompson
    Date: Tue, Dec 3 2002 1:54:56 AM -0600 (CST)

    I am just wondering, what is you website about. I ended up here by accident, and although i really like your website, I am baffled about what its purpose is. For some reason i keep comming back to see it. Well, my main question is who runs the show here. I have a feeling that it might be a couple of people but im not sure. Is Ellen Feiss part of this or did yall just put her picture on the web site for the fun of it. Is this some kind of posting board, oh , and none of the hyperlinks under the fubar name work so i couldn’t actually find out who “you” were or anything like that. So im sorry if im am just stupid, but i was just wondering about that, and the fact that i have had a COUPLE to drink may be altering my thinking pattern (Hey, i am in college). Well, if you could, respond to me at


    If Jamlink was the one who was running this site, he would probably be eating his own arm in frustration right now. And then mumbling something like “just… scroll… down… a bit…” or “read… the… archives…”.

    Anyway, you long time readers would probably be doing some good by saying something in the comments and maybe helping some of the other newbies who’re reading to better understand what this site is all about. I would do it myself but i just wanna see if YOU understand what’s going on here and what you think of the site etc etc.

    Subject: THEY SUCKS
    Date: Sat, Nov 30 2002 2:54:17 AM EST

    I saw They earlier today, and it sucks hard. It has to be one of the worst big-budget horror movies I’ve seen yet. I was hoping that this would be Craven’s last-ditch attempt at saving his career after the Scream sequels (as they were billing this movie as being insanely terrifying). However, in a highly original manner, he chose to flush his carrer further down the proverbial toilet by making a shit movie about grasshopping night terrors. The movie sucked balls, and I’m only too sorry you went to see it before you’ll get this email

    Sorry. I’m not Meg. She was the one who went to see They. Not me. It helps to actually check who’s posting what next time. Newbie.



    Anyway, this post has gone on for long enough. I’ll post some more some other time. Toodles!

  • So much for the Halloween pics being the topic:

    8 11 2002

    Ok, I am just a little wasted so we will see what happens with this.

    Thess: Let me see that map of the Danish fleet Peter.

    Peter: Yes ma’am, if I can see them boobies.

    Thess: They are coming too fast, surely they will get a speeding ticket on their way through Orlando Bay, and leave the boobies to the Cam Whore Specialists.

    Smash (on request): Send them my way, I can handle all the CWS, had three Danish ones in my bed last night.

    elPrezidente: Borrow your balls from your girlfriend Peter and quit taking orders.

    Bubba: TRAITOR!!!!, Smash is consorting with the enemy!!!

    Kingolf: (BANG! Smash dies) Where is Suzi?

    Celius_Quin: I think she is still trying to find a new host, but I am secure enough in my manhood to say that I find you attractive Kingolf, in a heterosexual way of course.

    Raceman: Kill all the Nazi’s!!!!

    Eve: Why does it always come back to that? Polish are not Nazi’s.

    Raceman: Oh sorry.

    (Anonymous): So anyway, anyone want to come see my new cam pics?

    Jamlink: Listen men, we must concentrate! The Danish are invading!

    Liz: What about the women.

    Peter: Show your boobies!

    Smash: Show your boobies!

    Kingolf: Show your B(.)(.)biees!

    Bubba: Boobeys!!! (Said like Timmy from SouthPark says Timmay!!)

    Dik Kok: I like boobies up my ass, then we eat the Danish!

    Jamlink: Thank you dik kok, we must concentrate on the Danish invasion.

    Suzi: PEANUT BUTTER JELLY with a baseball bat, that is how we will get the Danish.

    Bubba: YES!! Use the two Chins to lure them in then we will poison them with a bananas covered in peanut butter and jelly!!!

    Ben Affleck: I have some peanut butter left over that my dog didn’t finish last night!

    J: Then we can use the Happy Tree Friends to torture them into talking!!!

    RedEye: ATTACK IN COMING!!!!!! Where is Justin!!!???!!!???

    To be continued…

    Okay… before anyone busts my balls id like to state that this was just a joke. I didn’t mean to offend anyone with this little drama I created for my own amusement. I am not as good at writing dialogue as immensely long but only half way interesting posts. I stole this from Kingolf who stole it from Celius_Quinn who stole it from Justin who stole it from God. The people responsible for sacking the people who sacked the original dialogue have been sacked. Sorry if I offended or left anyone out.

    I did post my Halloween pics in the more section if anyone wants to see them.

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    AIM land

    14 10 2002

    I long for the days when i could go on AIM without having everyone who isn’t my buddy list blocked. Now all i ever get are people IMing me joking about me being Avril or worse, people IMing me legitimately thinking that i AM Avril. It’s quite sad really.

    Most people know by now that i’m not Avril. Some of them find out about the chats that i have with them which i post up here on the site. The end up being very bitter about being fooled (hey it’s not my fault you’re gullible). Some go around jokingly saying “AVRIL!! OMG! I LOVE UUU!!” and then admitting they know i’m not really her. Those people are alright i guess. Then there are the ‘skeptics’. People who got my screenname from a friend of theirs who told them i was Avril, and then proceeding to ask me to prove that i’m Avril. I got at least 4 skeptics last night, asking me to prove that i’m her. How am i supposed to ‘prove’ to people that i’m Avril?? I mean, if i were really Avril, and someone were to ask me to prove myself to them, what do i tell them?? My bra size?? Goodness. Of course, some are easily fooled than others. But nonetheless, they’re all still very very stupid to actually believe their friends that ‘psykotik2k’ is Avril’s AIM screenname. Yeah, ‘psykotik2k’ is such an Avril-y screenname.

    Very sad.

    All of you DESERVE to be ridiculed on this site if you’ve ever had your chatlog posted on here.

    It sorta sucks that i have to block people that aren’t on my buddy list from contacting me. But i have to. Because if i didn’t, i’d have like 25 people IMing me at the same time each time they see me online. All of them hoping to get a decent convo going with me (or Avril) and me ultimately not being able to deliver since i literally get SWAMPED by IM windows popping up every 5 – 10 seconds. And it gets tedious having to tell all 25 people “Sorry if i’m not responding fast. I have 25 people IMing at the same time. It’s kinda hard to keep up” 25 times over.

    Goodness! If this is what it’s like to be a celebrity, much less even an online celebrity, hell you can have that celebrity status because i don’t want it!

    Sure the easiest solution would be to just change my screenname or at least take it off the site. But i LIKE my screenname (despite how 1999 it sounds… psykotik2k??).

    So anyway, why do people think i’m Avril?? Do they like, come to this site, see Avril’s pictures, scan down to the bio section, PAST my real name, PAST my real picture, right down to my e-mail address and AIM screenname and just automatically think “OMG! AVRIL’S E-MAIL ADDRESS AND SCREENNAME!!!”

    *adds screenname*

    *compose e-mail*

    “AVRIL!! I’M UR BIGGEASTT FANN!!!!!!@@!^%!”


    This isn’t an Avril fansite, i’m not Avril Lavigne and those of you who actually think that are STUPID. I only pretend to be her for the amusement of the readers on this site. Feeding off your stupidity. Read the site. There’s a FAQ section. A bio if you wanna know more about me. Archives. New posts. So many things that you can READ to find out more about me. So seriously before you IM me asking ASL, where i live, what i major in, what my favorite whatever is, go and READ THE SITE. It’s all there.

    Right now, as i’m writing this, Suzi is on my screenname pretending to be me/Avril. I let her do the same thing last night. Just to show her how many idiots IM me on a daily basis.

    Granted, not EVERYONE who IM’s me are all idiots. But the majority of them are. Some of them are genuinely just trying to get to know me and be friends and stuff. But it’s impossible for me to hold a good conversation with them when i have 20 other idiots asking me to prove to them that i’m Avril or telling me about their band or how much i (Avril) suck.

    Anyway, click on ‘more’ if you wanna read some of the stupidity that i had to put up with last night. Or just go straight to the comments section if you have anything you wanna add.

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    Free XXX passwords!

    13 09 2002

    For use with and

    There are over 560 (!) logins and passwords for you to try out. I’m sure that at least a handful out of all those passwords will work. The Bangbus passwords can also be used with And the Milfhunter passwords on Passwords will also work with a whole bunch of other sites that are under their respective networks but they all suck compared to the 4 that i just mentioned so i won’t bother listing them out.

    Anyhoo, click on ‘more’ for the passwords you porno freak you.

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    AIM land

    12 09 2002

    Most people are usually shocked whenever they see me online on AIM. People that aren’t on my buddy list anyway. I had this one guy IM me once saying something like “Wow! I’ve had your SN on my list for a while now and this is the first time i’ve ever seen you on!”. To those who aren’t on there, it might seem like i’m only on like once a week but i’m actually on AIM 24/7. It’s just that i have everybody that isn’t on my list blocked (i have it set to ‘Allow only users on my buddy list’ so that… well… only users on my buddy list can contact me).

    Occasionally i get bored and figure that it’d be nice to unblock everyone once in a while and talk to my ‘fans’ (*ehem*). So i set my privacy settings to ‘Allow all users to contact me’. And more often than not, i get like 300 people IMing me at the same time (okay maybe just like 10 people really…) saying things like:

    Punk2490: hey

    Goon702: hello

    Punk2490: y did u put porn on ur website

    IIXxJayJonesxXII: is this the Avril Lavigne impersonator?

    fezy101: your site is good

    Coochiterian: whats up with you and avril

    EyEz World: Avril?

    Beachboy33614: i herd you were Avril?

    porch80: avril?

    ToMs39GiRL182: so ur the kid who hates avril?

    Coop5510: hey, just wanted to tell you that i luv the site

    Droog1601: Hey, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your site.

    Kavlang: I’d just like you to know that I think you’re fuckin’ A.

    DubU2584: YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA BAD IN A GOOD WAY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….and….SO DO BOOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YYYYEEEEEAAAAAA!

    barlowsinclair: what’s Suzi’s new website? I love that girl so much!

    I especially love it when people IM me and then go:

    syrumdetox: who are you and why are you on my buddy list?

    Or when someone thinks:

    MC tRiP 21: it must suck being canadian
    psykotik2k: i’m not canadian

    Or when people don’t realize that i have my away message up and think that i’m actually talking to them:

    LiLpInAyBaBe5398: Hey
    Auto response from psykotik2k: The answer is NO
    LiLpInAyBaBe5398: HuH?
    LiLpInAyBaBe5398: WATEVER C YA

    After a while i usually get swamped with IMs and it starts to get overwhelming so i have everyone blocked again. I don’t know why people would want to talk to me anyway. I’m really boring.

    Anyway, i think it’s e-mail time.

    Subject: Props
    From: “Nicholas”
    Date: Wed, Sep 11 2002 7:06:19 PM -0500

    Hey there. What’s up Justin? Well, I’m a regular visitor to your site and just wanted to give you props. Very very cool site and I really dig your posts. No offense to your female friends that post on your site, but they’re posts just aren’t as funny or interesting to me. But anyways, VERY cool site and keep on posting man!

    And, Man, i think it’s so funny that people actually think your Avril or that your site is Avril’s site. Some people are just so stoopid. Laters.

    Stupid people are funny.

    In other news:

    This is the best toy in the world.

    This is just disturbing.

    This is just… well… take a look for yourself.

    This is the best Avril Lavigne fan site out there.

    Suzi needs a host. She will probably send you nudes if you host her (i’m kidding).

    We really do need more BangBus/Milfhunter passwords up here. The ones that i use don’t work anymore =(

    Everyone should go e-mail Psykodelik and tell him to post up more BB/MF passwords in the comments section. I don’t know if that’s his real e-mail address but that’s the address that he left the last time he posted in the comments.

    My DVD list has been updated.

    Oh and i almost forgot about this little e-mail that i got 2 weeks ago.

    Subject: whats up
    From: “april”
    Date: Tue, Aug 27 2002 8:50:57 PM -0700

    hey avril ,my name is matt i just wanted to say whats up and to talk my screen name is nosinjection458 and fazzio35d my email is and/or IM me or email me plz


    And this one from about 3 weeks back:

    Date: Fri, Aug 23 2002 11:58:46 AM EDT


    I’ll give you one guess as to who that last one thought i was.

    Su madre es una lechuga

    2 07 2002

    I had a weird dream today. I dreamt that i was on the Tonight Show and Avril Lavigne was on it. Jay Leno interviewed her for a bit and then Avril went on to do a live acoustic performance of some song that wasn’t on her album. But then she picked ME out of the audience and made me play the song on a acoutic guitar while she sang! And i have absolutely NO idea how to play guitar. Not in real life and not even in my dreams. But i played anyway. Oh man. I must’ve kept plucking the same three strings on that guitar and omg it sounded TERRIBLE. But the whole time i was thinking, “Nah, they won’t notice the awful guitar playing because they’ll be too busy listening to her sweet sweet voice”.

    Shut up. She has a sweet voice.

    So anyway, the song ended and people clapped! Weirdness. So anyway, then the next guest came on and it was Kevin Smith! I went back into the audience and Jay went on to interview Kevin Smith. Then Jay decided to bring up my site on the monitor to show everyone that post i made about Avril Lavigne’s ass crack! And Kevin Smith went on to say something to the extent of Avril having “a sweet ass” and him wanting to spank it or something. Then Avril got upset and got her lawyer to call up Kevin Smith on his cellphone right then and there in the middle of his interview and somehow his microphone could pick up the sound on his cellphone and everyone could hear the whole conversation! And then i got really scared because i thought Avril’s lawyer people would try to hunt me down for posting up that pic of her ass crack and sue me! And then i woke up and was like, “OMG! I need to take down that pic!”.

    And then i realized, “Oh shit. It was just a dream”.

    I have weird dreams.

    Avril, please don’t sue!

    Anyway, okay so we all know that Kirsten Dunst has never gotten naked in a movie right? And that the closest she’s ever gotten to naked was in Crazy/Beautiful. You gotta love that movie if only for the fact that she’s totally braless throughout the whole movie. Anyway, take a look at this vidcap that i posted up at the celeb site.

    Now maybe it’s just a shadow or something but damn, if it isn’t, then it sure does look like she has big nipples.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that. =]

    I actually have just about 300 new celeb pics that i’ve yet to upload onto the celeb site. I should probably get that done sometime soon. Not only have i been lazy updating this site, but with the celeb site too. Argh. Procrastination is my middle name.

    Anyhow, as promised, here’s the bangbus and boobsquad user login and password:

    username: billg01
    password: rinker1

    I have no idea how long this password will last so make use of it while it’s still functional. I know i have. Ahahahaha.


    Now fill up the comments section with praise, comments about Kiki’s nipples and Avril Lavigne sueing me. Or something.

    UPDATE @ 12:49AM:

    OH NO! The bangbus password doesn’t work anymore! Suck. Should’ve posted it up earlier. I’ve known about it for almost 3 weeks now. Haha. Oh well. At least i posted. =P

    UPDATE @ 5:24AM:

    HAR HAR. I dug up some more passwords. They *should* work. But i’m not sure for how long. So try em out and see if they work. Don’t bitch at me if they don’t m’kay?

    username: lenny699
    password: bruce699

    username: cheetah5
    password: aaron5

    ASS CRACK!!!


    30 06 2002

    First off:


    I love redheads. I do.


    Don’t argue. She does.


    Long overdue news but what the hell. Better late then never.

    Anyway, i went out at around 4 am earlier this morning to buy food because i was hungry. I went to Subway and 7-11.

    Jones Juice! <3! And Avril Lavigne! <3!

    Tuna sub! Yum!

    Penis! Er…

    Okay it’s not really a penis. It’s a Fiesta Chicken Fresh Off The Grill 7-11 thing. 99 cents. Cheap!

    Anyway, it’s been a while since i last updated. Tee hee. I’m a lazy n00b. I’ve been occupying myself by playing lots of Eternal Darkness lately. Man, ED is one of the best games i’ve ever played in years. I love it. It’s so good. I’m talking make-your-jaw-drop-faster-than-seeing-Kirsten Dunst-naked good. Awesome awesome game. And i’ve also been playing a lot of Stuntman in between on the PS2 lately. Man that game can be frustratingly hard. But it’s good. I get an adrenaline rush each time i successfully complete a good looking stunt.

    I bought a bunch of DVDs too.

  • A Beautiful Mind: The Two Disc Awards Edition
  • A Better Place: Special Edition
  • The Virgin Suicides
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous
  • Starship Troopers: Special Edition
  • Body Shots
  • Best Men
  • Supernova

    I should update probably update my DVD list.

    Okay that’s a lot of stuff. I probably won’t be buying anything at least until August. I still haven’t even watched those DVDs that i bought about 2 weeks ago. But oooh wait. I still wanna get the 4 disc Pearl Harbor Vista Series that’s coming out this Tuesday. I’m definitely getting that. THEN only will i swear off buying anything else for at least a month.

    I actually found Drop Dead Gorgeous for 6 bucks over at Best Buy. That was a nice surprise. It’s a barebones DVD so there’s absolutely nothing in the way of extras but the movie’s worth it. It is soooo funny. My wife Kirsten Dunst is in it. =D I love that movie. It’s my second favorite Kiki movie next to Bring It On. It made me laugh out loud and smile so many times.

    I still haven’t seen The Virgin Suicides though so that movie might actually usurp Bring It On as my most favorite Kiki movie if it’s really as good as people say it is. My girlfriend likes it. And she hates Kiki. So it must be good.

    Actually most of the DVD’s i bought were pretty cheap. Well, the lousier ones were anyway (NO. DROP DEAD GORGEOUS IS NOT LOUSY. It’s just… barebones… yeah. That’s why it’s cheap). Like Best Men. And (ugh) Supernova.

    Okay. Yes. I do realize that Supernova is a BAD movie. A very BAD movie. Like, Lost In Space BAD. (Yes i do own Lost In Space on DVD but only because it’s got like tons of extras on it). Actually the only reason why i bought Supernova was because i wanted to see Robin Tunney get naked in it. And the only reason why i bought Body Shots was because i wanted to see Tara Reid get naked in it. Although i don’t think Body Shots is all that bad of a movie. Not as bad as Supernova anyway. Or Lost In Space. I’ve seen a trailer for it and it looks pretty alright. Besides, any movie that has Tara Reid naked in it has to be good. Even though her nipples are kinda awkwardly spaced. Tara Reid has weird nipples. They’re like off to the sides or something.

    Oh and the only reason why i bought Best Men was because i heard Dean Cain plays a gay man in there.

    Oh come on. Like you wouldn’t want to see Dean Cain play a homosexual. Sean Patrick Flannery is in the movie too. But he’s not gay in it. Actually i’m getting kind of sick of seeing his face. He was in The Boondock Saints, Best Men and he’s also in Body Shots. That’s way too much Sean Patrick Flannery.

    Wasn’t he like Young Indiana Jones on TV once? I know he was in that movie Powder. That was a good movie. It was directed by a pedophile did you know? Victor Salvas. He also directed Jeepers Creepers. That was a good movie. I don’t know why people don’t like it. I thought it was good. The DVD is great. There’s like 4 different endings on there. Awesome. Alternate endings are cool.

    Anyway, i’m thinking of trading in Supernova and Best Men for some instore credit at Gamestop or something and using it towards getting Mario Sunshine or Metroid Prime or The Legend Of Zelda or Resident Evil Zero or whatever new high profile PS2 or Gamecube game that’s coming out soon.

    I should stop buying lousy DVD’s just to see naked boobies.

    I watched A Beautiful Mind last night. I’m listening to the audio commentary as i’m typing this up right now. It was an alright movie i guess. I don’t think it deserved Best Picture at the Oscars though. But oh well. I got Starship Troopers AGAIN on DVD. I hate it when they double dip DVD’s. You know. Releasing a barebones DVD now (e.g Black Hawk Down) only to re-release it again as a two disc special edition 6 – 12 months later. That pisses me off. Like what they’re doing with Pearl Harbor. And LOTR. Releasing Pearl Harbor as a barebones 2 disc set and then double dipping it with a 4 disc set.

    Damn you New Line. Damn you Buena Vista. Damn you Columbia.

    Anyway, i’ve been getting a whole bunch of people hitting up the site looking for Avril Lavigne pics.

    I’ve even gotten IMs from some REALLY clueless people thinking that i am Avril Lavigne.

    StaaaddictMD: yo
    psykotik2k: hey
    StaaaddictMD: whos this?
    StaaaddictMD: seriously?
    psykotik2k: yeah
    StaaaddictMD: you cant be that avril chick
    StaaaddictMD: or could you
    StaaaddictMD: lol
    psykotik2k: the answer to that question can be found in the faqs

    Now what gets to me about this guy is that he IMs ME and he’s asking ME who I am. What the fuck man. Notice me pointing out that “the answer to that question can be found in the faqs”. Look at what he says later on. Like, 5 minutes later.

    StaaaddictMD: so r u avril or just some big fan?
    psykotik2k: “Alright. In that case, i have a question for you…” “No, i am NOT Avril Lavigne.”


    livid0: Canada can be useful
    livid0: yare you canadian?
    psykotik2k: read the site
    livid0: got cha


    SolidFaction: hi
    psykotik2k: hey
    SolidFaction: im just a person that saw your Aol name on your website =)
    psykotik2k: yeah, you’re not the only one
    SolidFaction: so you’re suzi?
    psykotik2k: nope
    SolidFaction: oh
    SolidFaction: who are you then?
    psykotik2k: the guy who owns the site



  • ryan2911: nice website


  • ryan2911: who hosts it?


  • ryan2911: where in mich?


  • ryan2911: you school? or you have a job?


  • ryan2911: major?


    Oh and for the love of Kirsten Dunst, let me just stress that one point one more time. READ THE SITE. So you won’t end up looking like a total n00b. Most of the answers to you questions can be found by READING THE SITE, THE BIO AND/OR THE FAQS. I hate having to repeat stuff that’s readily available to be read on the site.

    ryan2911: you have nice thoughts on sex
    ryan2911: teh ahhh…sex rant
    ryan2911: are you justin?
    psykotik2k: yup
    ryan2911: you’re gay?
    psykotik2k: i didnt write that
    psykotik2k: that was eve’s post
    ryan2911: the picture…?
    psykotik2k: she posted them up
    ryan2911: ahhh
    ryan2911: i see
    psykotik2k: Posted by Eve
    ryan2911: i see


    ryan2911: you ever met avril?
    psykotik2k: nope
    ryan2911: whats a pederast?
    psykotik2k: read the post
    ryan2911: ahh i see
    ryan2911: interesting

    OMG. Somebody put me out of my misery. Please.

    ryan2911: you like ddr?
    psykotik2k: i have the game, i have the pad, and i’ve only played it like once. maybe twice.
    ryan2911: awww come on now
    ryan2911: if you have it you might as well play
    ryan2911: its fun
    ryan2911: azn thing
    psykotik2k: not into it

    AZN THING? I’m not Japanese, i’m not Chinese, i’m not Korean, i’m not Singaporean, i’m not Indonesian, i’m not Thai, i’m not Vietnamese and i’m not fucking Malaysian. I’m not into rice rockets, i’m not insanely into anime and i’m not at all like your run of the mill stereotypical AZN. Only wacky Japanese people play DDR. And Chinese people too. Well, usually anyway. And i’m neither.

    So, no. I don’t like DDR and i’m not into it. Even though i do own that damn DDR dance pad and a bunch of the DDR games on PSone. Sometimes i like buying games that i barely ever touch or play.

    Remember when i posted about how some people actually sign guestbooks on celebrity fansites as if they’re actually ‘talking’ to the celebrity featured on the site? Like: “Oooh! I love your music! Could you please send me a signed autograph??!” or whatever blah blah blah.

    Well i got one from a disgruntled Avril hater. I don’t know if this was meant for ME or for AVRIL but what the hell, it’s amusing if only for the stupidity of the person who actually wrote it to think that i’m actually Avril Lavigne.

    “i fucking hate this whore lead singer bitch who thinks she so fucking punk. youre an asshole and youre too fucking soft. QUIT TRYING TO LOOK SO PUNK AND youre a fucking poser. what the hell. you try to look fucking punk and fucking have a gay ass song called skater boi? what the fuck is up with that, you poser wannabe bitch. i would just love to kick your skimpy little ass sometimes. and youre so fucking gay and you dress like youre punk and you get all the fucking preppy people into it. you know, i dont think you understand how preppy people act like something theyre not. just like you.”

    Okay man. Whatever. I’m not Avril Lavigne. Get a clue.

    Oh and some stupid Malaysian fucker left this in the guestbook recently.

    Fullname: malaysian
    Email: made@malaysia
    Where are you from?: malaysia
    Comments: nobody wans to know u phycho. move away if u realli think m’sia is such a terrible place.

    Stupid Malaysian. Learn to fucking spell. Moron. And i AM out of Malaysia. And i’m glad to be out. Malaysia IS a terrible place. Fucking Malaysia. Land of where DVD’s cost upwards of RM$130+.

    I’m like half Singaporean. And very kiasu. That’s why i don’t like Malaysia. Ahahaha. I wanna go back to Singapore. Singapore is cool.

    Why i don’t like Malaysia:

  • Taxi drivers rip you off
  • Buses stink
  • Trains stink
  • Malaysia stinks (seriously it smells)
  • DVD’s cost RM$130 (unless of course if you’re into those damn durian DVD’s)
  • Everything is overpriced (shut up. it is)
  • A bag of Doritos cost 9 bucks (see?)

    I could list more but i think i’ve said enough to warrant some Malaysians to lash back and post “Aiya! Why you so like that one! Say say Malaysia like this and like that one?? Haaahhh?? Why why? Stupid Bruneian/half Singaporean!” in the comments section.

    I got one thing to say to you in advance. “Shut up lah

    Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 01:23:05 -0500
    From: “me hungry”
    Subject: Re:

    ur name’s justin right?i’ve been visiting ur site for quite sometime now.i found out about ur site all thx to’s a long story and i’m lazy.i know what u mean about Malaysia..i’m living in this shitpit.a Malaysian the country but it’s damn boring ere.BTW,do u pay for ur website?it seems kinda large.there was this one time i tried to visit but it said that u sold it.very funny.i thought u really sold it and nevber bothered to visit anymore..well,right up till now.oh yeah,are u gay?if u are,just forget about this mail and get lost.and if this site is free,plz do tell me about it..i just got into college and i’m looking for some free webspace.adios justin!keep the girls postin boob pics on ur site!chow..

    See? He’s Malaysian and even he calls it a ‘shitpit’.

    You know this e-mail was actually alright up till the point he asked if i was gay.

    “if u are,just forget about this mail and get lost”

    What’s wrong with being gay? Stupid close-minded Malaysian. Free webspace? Try you fucktard.

    I’ll bet you a free login and password that there’ll be at least one not so nice comment about how i’m bashing Malaysia right now in the comments section.

    See the disclaimer up at the top of the site? Especially the words highlighted in bold? Understand all that? Good.

    Well that’s it for the ‘controversial’ portion of this post. Onto the usual crap.

    I was talking to Amanda a coupla nights ago and she pointed out how she thought Avril Lavigne and Sarah Michelle Gellar have the exact same nose. Go compare. She may be onto something.

    Here’s a pic of SMG all Avril-ized for you to make your comparison.

    Oh and a quick plug for Mimi. Go give her a visit. It’s a nice site.

    Fullname: Avril Lavigne BEST FAN!!!
    Where are you from?: tornto
    Comments: UR SITE FUCKING ROCKS MAN, and i dont care what other ppl bull shit about Avril Lavigne but i think she is one of the best GURL rocker there is YA!!! and she came to tornto yesterday and she SIGN MY CD I AM SO LUCKY!!! OMG!!!! well i just have to say SHE KICKS ASS OH YEAH!!!!! and she is so HOT!!

    If anybody can make and get Avril to hold up a sign that says ‘’ on it at one of her autograph signing sessions or wherever and take a picture of that momentous event, send it to me and i will be eternally in your debt.

    Or as a camwhore would say: “I’ll <3 u 4eva!!!" Hm. Okay i think i've posted enough for now. If i get at least 50 comments for this post, i will post up a free login and password for these two sites.

    Oh and no cheating either. No multiple posting under different names. I can track your IP address you know. And ban you. Bwahahaha.

    UPDATE @ 9:39AM:

    I forgot about this little thing that i wanted to show you all. I found it a coupla days ago and posted it up at the celeb site.



  • A million monkeys on a million computers…

    23 02 2002

    What is it about anonymity that pours into people in code and comes running out like a ball of snot? Someone who I consider close online wondered if my alternate name meant an alternate personality, and you can only blame so much on pots calling kettles black, and even less of that can be assigned to personality quirks. In actuality everyone who uses the internet is a goddamn schizophrenic.

    Personality AThe Reinvented: The nice quiet kid, the one who could get the creme of the crop dates if they could escape the horror of the friend zone – Camp X-Ray has nothing on a group of angsty teens and twenty-somethings looking for love in all the wrong places. This type wouldn’t call your female dog a bitch at the Westminster show, let alone attack even the skankiest of mothers (yo momma is sooo…nevermind). Breaking out from the ‘nice guy’ mode takes something extreme in this fast-paced world of pastable gossip and hits today gone tomorrow. Porn usually does the trick, nothing says Typical Guy louder than daily posts that consist of BangBus plugs and open-mouthed women with chests like misshapen missiles. This type is my personal favorite, there’s still a Nice Guy underneath, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get them on the phone.

    Personality BThe Critic: Your hometown loser. You remember them, two steps and a crashland behind fashion trend, complexion reminiscent of pink marshmallow peeps after they have been unwrapped and tucked under a couch cushion for two weeks. An outcast perhaps, falling into two categories of catch-phrase: “I would give anything to be popular for just one day!” or “I hate those fucking jocks, they can stare down the barrel of my daddy’s gun tomorrow morning.” Female Bs are most often found bashing camgirls, fem musicians, actresses, Mother friggin’ Theresa if a boy they like online happens to think she’s ‘nice.’ But in the net dogfight the male Bs are god – they rain down criticism and judgment with a fat-dimpled or bone-stencilled fist, leering upon mere mortals from thrones of gore sites or comments sections. ph33r the l33t.

    Personality C
    The Unsure: Vaguely insecure teen meets world, satisfied with their social life but never quite at home with the bits beneath their skin. You want to like this type in the real world, if not for the constant “Do I look fat in this dress?” brand of questions (note: the correct answer is almost always “The dress doesn’t make you look fat, your fat makes you look fat”). Cs are the root of the camgirl/boy breed, the hardcore campeople who believe wishlists mean acceptance, and “<3" translates to anything other than "So when can I see your tits?" Cs are perhaps the biggest victims of this horrible personality trait - they're building self-respect houses out of shit bricks and amazon boxes, camouflaging with photoshop brushes and a couple flashes of skin. Ignore them, hate them, but never tell them you love them. C is the stray dog that comes back to your house for table scraps even after you buy a bigger dog. And a gun. Personality DThe Older Sibling: Most of those who don’t fall into any of the above categories (or other misc areas including Stalker, Hitwhore, and Canadian) become the older sibling. They listen to your frantic IMs, they wipe your cybertears, and if you want to respond to them with topless pictures of yourself, well worry not, your net big brother will always assure you that it’s natural to take artistic nudes, especially when artistic includes their name scrawled around your nipple. Ds are the ones accused of pedophilia, the boybands of the web surrounded by underage attached fans and the men who hate them for it. They collect gossip straight from the source and dump it like so much child-molesting semen into the collective ear that is internet. Like all older siblings you will feel close to this type, and also like real siblings, learn to be careful – Ds know all your stupid stories and it doesn’t take much more than skipping a turn at chores to have them running to tattle.

    This post wasn’t aimed at any personalities in particular. If one of the type descriptions pisses you off it’s probably because the truth hurts more than your free porn being taken away. There are lesser evils and mixes of these breeds but not many. Live it, love it, then get a faster connection.

    cheerleader (33k image)

    Do people actually click on my plugs?

    3 12 2001

    Out of complete and sheer boredom, i just decided to go through my referrer logs. Over 3000+ sites on there. Anyway, i went through about 2000 of them and stopped because i just got fucking tired.

    I’ve picked out the more notable ones to plug though. Some of them are pretty good actually. Some of them i didn’t even know existed. Anyway, i’m just gonna plug em all. If you’ve got enough time on your hands, you might wanna do me a favor and check em all out. They all gave me hits at one time of another so yeah, i thought i’d give back a few in return.

    In no particular order:

    This guy has me linked. He also has Thess linked so that’s cool. Everybody should link to Thess. I’m sure he has a domain… like… or something but yeah, that that’s the URL that showed up so that’s what i’m linking. He made me a fan sign once. Almost set himself on fire. Or so he claims.

    She mentioned my site once: “At any rate… I was pretty turned on by these gratuitous nude naked topless celebs. Very nice page to boot…“. She’s also bisexual so that’s cool. Too bad the page hasn’t been updated in a while though.

    These guys have me linked. So i guess that counts for something.

    Not only do these guys have me linked but they also have a guy on there who looks like that dude from N’SYNC. The one in that horrible On The Line movie. Whatever the fuck his name is.

    Now her layout. It’s pretty impressive. I mean… just go take a look and you’ll see. Well, I think it’s impressive anyway. She’s got me linked. I IMed her and we talked for a bit earlier today and she seems pretty nice. She didn’t know it was me, mr. badinagoodway, IMing her though:

    CodeRedLockDown: oh, cool
    CodeRedLockDown: whats your site?
    psykotik2k: you have it linked i see
    CodeRedLockDown: Oh, yeah! Well, rock the hell on, I love that site
    psykotik2k: you actually go there??
    CodeRedLockDown: All the freakin’ time, dude!
    psykotik2k: yeah right
    CodeRedLockDown: I’m serious! It rocks my ass

    My site rocks her ass.

    This is Katy. We used to talk back in the day. She’d e-mail me and sign my guestbook and plug her own site in my tagboard thing. I never really paid much attention to her back then. And now she’s gotten quite ‘big’ in the camgirl world. Funny how things work out. I wonder if she remembers me.

    Now this ‘article’ would’ve probably made me fuming mad if not for the total lack of research done on the part of this stupid fucker who wrote this piece of shit. Go read it and come back here. Done? Okay.

    First of all my site is not a ‘webcam site’, i do not do ‘editorials’, i am not a ‘child’, i am 21 years old, i am indeed a mass communications major and i’m also an A grade Geography student. So yes, i can actually place Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afganistan and India correctly on a map. And why the hell is he is going on about how i contributed to George Bush being elected??! I’m not even American for god’s sake. I live in Asia!

    Seriously, this guy must be one of the stupidest fuckers i’ve ever seen. Hell, he probably didn’t even read my site before writing that piece of shit he calls ‘truth’. Somebody please go write this son of a bitch and tell him how fucking wrong he is. And how he deserves to have chopsticks rammed up his stupid nose into the back of his stupid head. What a fucker.

    I mean look at him. He has a face that deserves to be bitch slapped. Stupid cunt.

    He’s got me linked. And Thess too. GOOD BOY.

    Apparently i had a hand with the origins of this site: “…but I have some influence from fubar, as it is an amazing site. Maybe this plug will somewhat justify any similarites I have with his site. Here’s hoping anyway.”

    She doesn’t have me linked but i’m guessing she plugged me once before since i have her on my referrals list. She has Zia linked though. So that makes her cool. Nice blog. She’s Malaysian.

    I don’t see my link anywhere on this site but it’s in my referrals. It’s actually a pretty good looking site. Worth checking out. Not bad at all.

    At first i had absolutely NO idea why i’m even linked at all on this site. It seemed like an AIDS site judging from the past few coupla posts. Then i found out it was just another normal blog and not at all an AIDS site. Heh.

    I think she’s pretty cute. I wouldn’t mind getting fan sign from her. I’ve talked to her a coupla times in the past. But not much. I wonder if she still even remembers me.

    I’m guessing she’s plugged me once before or something because i don’t see my site being linked. She seems to be into movies a lot. I like a girl who’s into movies.

    This guy has me linked. He’s from Malaysia but he’s living in Ireland. He’s got a domain: I think he’s a doctor (!). A doctor reading my site! How weird does that sound.

    These guys plugged me a coupla days ago: “I’m sure you guys like boobies, right? Well how about famous peoples boobies? I’m sure you like those too. Uhhhh… what about cute Cam-Girls? Yeah, everyone likes those. Not to mention, Justin (the web-massa) sounds like a pretty smart guy, and hey, you gotta be pretty smart to get the puke green-yellow color to look that good (no really, it actually looks pretty good). =)”


    Anyway, these guys also like Antwon a lot. Which is cool because i like Antwon a lot too. In a completely heterosexual manner of course.

    It’s nice to see my site being number 2 on a top ten list. Hell i even beat out Stile!

    She has me linked! But why?? My site is terrible! Not only according to them but also to this lousy mother fucker. WHY? WHY??

    Now she seems pretty cool. She likes DVD’s. And she likes getting hits. She almost halfway there to becoming a female version of me. And she even has me linked (!). I’m keeping an eye on this site.

    Now this is a pretty sweet looking site. And by sweet i mean like really girly sweet with flowers and shit. In fact, my site’s even linked under a flower. Which i thought was really weird. But then again all the other sites are linked under flowers too. So it’s not like i’m in the minority. Sweet site.

    She plugged me once. And apparently, i make her laugh: “this shit makes me laugh, but i think i like it mostly because it took me forever to make sense of the layout. bomb, dude. sorry i’m not a hot camgirl.

    Looks don’t really matter Jesse. Personality does. =]

    This guy plugged me once. And yup, bad weblogging alright. And hey, linking that t-shirt site has done me good buddy. Made me US$136 so far. And if that’s not good, i don’t know what is.

    She’s got me linked. And she’s also from Brunei. But she always seem to be down and depressed all the time though. I used to read her site back in the day. She’s quit quite a number of times already but she’s back online again. For how long? Only time will tell. CHEER UP DHIL. DON’T BE SO DOWN ALL THE TIME. Life sucks but what can you do? Just make the most of the good times you can have and hang on to those memories. Or something.

    I dunno. I’m never good at giving advice anyway.

    She’s from Singapore i think. And i’m half Sinagporean. So woo. Go Singapore. She’s got me linked. I don’t know why but she does. I don’t know why anybody has me linked for that matter but hey, i’m not complaining.

    Now this site wasn’t exactly in my referrals log and i actually found it through another site that was on there but i thought i’d just plug it anyway. Plus, i happen think she’s pretty attractive. So i’m gonna follow her site for the next coupla days and see if it’s as good as she looks.

    And the same pretty much goes for this site too. Found it through some other site i think. It’s pretty bare though. Not much stuff on it and it hasn’t been updated in a while. But the girl who owns it looks pretty damn hot. Now i wouldn’t mind at all getting a fan sign from her.


    I think that should be enough for today. There’s actually MORE sites that i haven’t yet plugged that i found through my referrals. But they’ll have to wait some other day i guess. Fuck. It took me two and a half hours writing this post. Checking out sites. Reading up on their posts and shit. Damn i’m tired.

    Anyway, i’ve got one last site to plug. Actually it’s more like an article that i’d like to plug. I got the link from Thess. She’s great. I <3 her. /butt kissing It's a good read. Go check it out.