There are currently pedophiles visiting this site right now


DaRkSuPeRMaN3666: people who just stumble onto your site are probably scared of you
DaRkSuPeRMaN3666: I told someone that your site is funny, but if they just go to it and haven't ever read it before, you'd seem weird and creepy
DaRkSuPeRMaN3666: like a mix between Richard Simmons, Hannibal Lector, and the creepy middle school math teacher who hits on his female students

mC tRip 21: Your site is kind of like.. If I took a shit.. pissed all over it ripped out a zoomed in picture of different female celebritys faces and breasts and wrote with a pencil what I thought about them and then threw it all in a blender
mC tRip 21: For some weird reason.. It appeals to me

Some musings on your site; or, The Three P's of FUBAR:

The pictures: Few are the websites that truly speak to us all, from the lowliest derelict pawing away at his keys in search of free pornography, to the highest noble, who could easily afford to pay for pornography but simply chooses not to.

The posts: The posts of FUBAR provide a glimpse into some of the day's most gripping and immediate issues. For example, many young fans wondered if the author of the site is pop star Avril L., and if said person is in fact Avril, is she aware that she is a poser, and she sucks? Also, there are entertaining links, like the one where grown men were throwing broomsticks at each other and pretending they were lightning bolts.

The people: The folks of FUBAR seem generally to be a good-natured lot. Occasionally, an argument breaks out among the factions but this is usually quickly and brutally settled with an attack on one's grammar, usage and mechanics--often with worse or equally poorly constructed sentences. I suspect these merciless barbs have resulted in the suicide of more than one shamed offender.

Mostly though, it's a fun and enjoyable site to visit, much like Beirut once was.

Have Fun!

...I don't want to piss off anyone more than necessary, so I would say you probably don't want to check this site out if a guy indulging in guy-things offends you. If you think the concept behind the Man Show is a crime against humanity - this is not your site. (Unless you like nicely composed colors and webpage layouts - it's worth a peek if you're into that.)

But, speaking directly to the Guys in the crowd, this is one of those sites you dream about finding. Seriously. Forget about me and go there - you might never come back here, ever, but that's okay. I will comPLETEly understand.

- Average Bear

  • I just have to say your site fucking rocks and it's a testament to the online geek phenomena. - Grant

  • I've been hanging around this site for about a year now. Probably found it looking for avril lavigne porn shit. I'm just a regular horny teen looking for free porn and luckely theres always some here. - Ikke

  • I'm not interested in the shitty, white, trailor trash porn Justin posts on the site. I enjoy reading the content, not looking at the fugly pictures. - ASL

  • Free porn is not the only reason i have stuck around to check this site everyday (although it plays a LARGE role), i like reading all that gets posted. - blinkaddict720

  • Justin always seems to post the pics im looking for and the coments people post are quite funny and interesting. - Wraith

  • This place is more fun than a whole barrel of ebola infected monkeys! - TrickMS

  • I don't have any idea how I found the spot. Probably surfing for Ann Curry Porn, or something about crusty undies. Anyways, I like the chit-chat, and it's like following an internet soap-opera with porn included. - cust71

  • You know what made me keep coming back??? The pores man!! lol Hi-Res rocks. - Sammy Boy

  • Been reading since 2000 when I *think* the blogger boom occured. Was looking for nice blogs to emulate and found a really evil one with nekkid ladies (when Justin still hosted them on his server instead of the crap one now) and wicked posts by a guy that hates Malaysia LOL. Oh, and there used to be photos for topless M'sian college chicks somewhere... Not anymore I think Haha! - Zaaba

  • ive been coming since last july and i think this site is awesome (because Justin is funny) and so i stayed. im pretty sure i came here by way of and it beats most of the rest of the websites listed there. thanks for the great posts justin - hollowholes

  • I have been here almost daily for probably the last three years, I forget exactly. Pretty much most of college though. I think I originally came here for the celeb pics, but since then have been one of those fucks that reads the posts but never comments. - r.k

  • I've been reading for like a year and a half...I usually don't comment because I just come to be entertained by the posts. - Bryan

  • I've been coming here entirely too long. Heh. Something like two years? I can't remember why I found it, but I know it was trough google. I was probably searching for celebrity porn =X. And then, believe it or not, I found Justin's posts to be amusing and interesting, so I kept coming. Only "e/n" site that I go to. \m/ - josh

  • I've been here for slightly over a year. No idea why...It may have been a link on someone's cam page. Not sure. Anyway this has become one of my daily stops along the super highway that is the internet. I enjoy the posts and the comments. Boobies are good too. - AKA postal

  • um... I came here about 2 years ago now, ah I think I was looking for b00bies... I found them and decided to stay. I come here every day now it's like a second home. - Sliy

  • I arrived here during that eternal quest to find internet porn...and I stumbled across this page. I've been coming ever since, not just for the porn (although that helps), but for the pure entertainment on the front page. One day I'll read through all those archives. Until then... - David The Lurker

  • i've been here for about a month, and i come for the young sexy teen girls that get their pics posted. And cause i like to read what is posted on the main page and the comments. P.S: any hot girls can send me some pics, i'd really like it. - nived

  • One late night at the good old college, I entered the computer lab, I don't know, probably around 1 in the morning or so...I walked passed a computer that had this site opened up. It caught my eye because of the funky color. (you know, the puke green color, you know what I'm talking about ;)~) I looked around and no one else was there. Some dumb fuck forgot to log off the computer. I sat down and was about to log off the PC. As I sat there, I began to read, Justin was funny, his posts were interesting, and his links were awesome. Ever since, I sorta believed that page was left open for me to come across. (ok not really, but hey it is a thought right?) I have been coming back reading his (and the ladies) posts for over a year and a half now. Every once in a while, I would find a PC left on in the lab, I would open a page right to fubar, in hopes that people would too find justin as interesting as I did. Don't know if it worked or not, but I always could tell when someone was at your page, the URL would pop up as I typed it in. Now I have a place of my own, and I am still a regular visitor. - Schmite

  • Been coming here since around October 2000. Found it looking for the Trish Stratus wet tshirt video. Ended up reading all the posts that night, staying up well into the morning. I keep coming back out of habit and boredom. Thats about it. - Dugas of eenodol

  • I too have been visiting daily for over a year and a half. It was a real loss when the server went down and there was the FUBAR media blackout. No wonder things went to shit in the Middle East. The site has been a source of commentary for the planet. Seriously, the chosen few who have mainline posting priviledges have been excellent. Whatever muse drives this group is OK by me. I'm a daily fubarite as well as checking into what Thess, Eve, Susan (of course) have going on their sites. Thanks to all. - Ross

  • i found this place by accedent. and i just got addicted. plus Avril lavgine is fucking hot. That got me coming here! THIS WEBSITE IS LIKE A DRUG MAN! HELP! PUT AVRIL BACK ON! - Amz

  • Boredom leads me to your site by Google. Been visiting your site a year or so. So addicted to your site visiting it in daily basis. Maybe your layout colour giving me this addiction. - Green

  • I've been looking at this site for probably close to a year now. I believe i saw it linked on another blog. I dunno, i'm here for the titties and the content about equally. Ok, maybe here a little more for the titties. - the brain

  • Dunno how I got here prolly looking for some porn... I keep coming back though hoping to find more pictures of Stal... she's cute!!! - WP

  • Justin makes me chuckle. Bubba used to flame my ass and call me gay, but now he's too much of a douche to comment. I worship Thess and Eve. I don't know Liz, but I might worship her too some day. I'm not a pedophile, like everyone else. - Grud

  • Justin thinks that I am stalking him.... but that's just him over-reacting to a few voodoo dolls and a small altar I have devoted to him. - Amy

  • I was told of this site a year or so ago because of some porn...hehe..and stuck around ever since cause of all the witty banter and posts. - bambam

  • Ahhhh, Avril... that brings me back to the day I first came across f.u.b.a.r. I was searching for Avril's breasts on the internet and came closest when I stumbled into J-man's little mess (loads of Avril and breasts, though not Avril's breasts). Man, at first I even thought it was Avril's own site! Then I read what was going on and was hooked. - Dr.Eintstein

    So stick around if you're new or if you're just passing by. You might grow to like this site.

    15000+ visitors a day can't be wrong!