My 4K UHD Bluray just arrived in the mail from Amazon today. It was shipped in a paper envelope if you’re wondering. But it’s ok, it’s not a Steelbook.

Was hoping it’d get here in time for it’s 20th year anniversary (on 30 April 2024).

Cute pink case! So fetch!

It came in this slipcover:

I watched the 2024 Mean Girls a while back. It was aaaaaaalright. It was a musical. I liked the new Gretchen. Can’t beat the original though.

Lacey Chabert posted this 5 years ago

This Walmart ad is probably the closest we’ll get to a Mean Girls 2004 sequel:

Just needs more Regina

Speaking of movies from the 2000’s, i also recently watched another favorite of mine, Bring It On. And wow, some of the scenes in that movie would never fly in this day and age lol. The anti-LGBT language and casual sexual assault in that movie? OUTRAGE! The woke mob would cancel the shit out of this movie in 2024.

I need this in 4k UHD

The 2000’s were a different time.


In another flimsy ass envelope.

I’m dreading the day they ship out my pre-ordered steelbook copy of The Crow but it looks like there’s going to be a slipcover on the thing so there’s at least gonna be some extra protection against dents.

Also, not my Crow:

The violence looks pretty good tho.

But yeah, these just arrived:

I guess i’m glad i preordered as soon as it was up on Amazon because it’s apparently out of stock now in most places.

They didn’t manage to ship out Aliens together in this package (it just got shipped out yesterday actually) but at least i don’t have to wait for however long it takes to get restocked.

Saw a bunch of posts on r/4kbluray complaining of shipment delays and the Cameron discs being sold out. So much that they had to start removing posts about it.

That steelbook copy of The Crow is also “Currently unavailable” on Amazon now. I guess physical copy FOMO is a thing. Reminder to preorder the things i really want really early.

Next on the to buy list:

Just got announced and it comes out June 18th. Jennifer Tilly!

AI photo editing

My old phone was a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from 2018. It did not have native AI photo editing.

My new phone is a Samsung S24+ from 2024. It has native AI photo editing.

Now obviously the first first thing i tried was to fix this photo of Avril Lavigne and remove that star on her boob. And maybe see if it would generate a tit.

Spoilers: AI did not generate the tit.

…i can still fap to this.


Since i didn’t buy that new TV.

I got a PlayStation Portal.

I got a Meta Quest 3.

I got a Samsung Galaxy S24+.

I got a Deco BE65.

I got an Amazfit Balance.

I got a bunch more 4K Blurays.

Oh and i rebought all the Mission Impossible movies again but in steelbooks this time.

I found out about the steelbook releases and now steelbooks are thing i want to start collecting. UGH. So i rebought all the MI movies because i’m stupid like that.

I previously bought the 6 movie collection thing plus the Dead Reckoning steelbook (which got dented in transit thanks to Amazon’s shit packaging).

Speaking of which, Amazon has been doing an incredibly shitty job at packaging and shipping out these Blurays. Like what the fuck is this:

I got half the Mission Impossible steelbooks IN A FLIMSY ENVELOPE WITH NO BUBBLE WRAP.

And the rest of them IN A BOX WITH ZERO PADDING.

I’m surprised none of them got damaged in transit this time. Seriously wtf.

The Darkman steelbook at least got shipped out in a bubble mailer thing.

But still, these things are prone to get dented. Use a box or wrap ’em up in some bubble wrap at the very least.

Oh and not forgetting the time they shipped out my Avril Lavigne Love Sux Vinyl LIKE THIS:



So i already have a Steam Deck, which i originally got back in December 2022. Bought the 64GB model at the time and upgraded the internal storage to 2TB.

Just bought a 512 GB Steam Deck OLED today and first order of business was to swap out the 2TB SSD from the LCD into the new OLED.

A straight swap and everything worked fine. Now i have a fresh empty 512GB Steam Deck LED that i might sell off? Or maybe i’ll just hand it down to my kid.

You know, i actually had an Asus ROG Ally which i bought back at launch. It was alright. Used it quite a bit, mostly playing Baldur’s Gate 3, but i eventually ended up selling it because i just preferred Steam OS. Windows was not built for handheld gaming.

But yeah, that OLED screen is super nice. Colors really pop and the blacks are really inky. OLED is amazing.

An 83″ OLED LG C4 (or G4) is now my goal for 2025.

Either that or a 98″ Mini LED TV. It’s gonna happen.


Posting this to remind convince myself that i don’t need a new TV and that my 2020 85″ Sony X90H is still good enough even in 2024.

I’ll just get a discounted 83″ LG C4 or G4 from B&H like in January 2025, a year from now. Yeah.

Because there’s lots of other smaller things that i could get with the money i save NOT buying a new 83″ LG C3 (or 98″ TCL C755) TV right now.

Like a Steam Deck OLED.

Even though i already own a Steam Deck.

Or a Meta Quest 3.

Which, i actually already own (a 128GB Quest 3), but i want a 512GB one because i keep running out of storage on the 128GB model. Should have just gotten the 512 in the first place. I managed to somehow get by with 128 on the Quest 2 and Quest 1 but it’s not happening with the Quest 3 (Don’t get a 128GB Quest 3). I’ll hand down that 128GB Quest 3 to my dad.

Or i could get a new phone.

I’m still rocking a beat up 512GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from 2017, i think it’s actually time to upgrade that thing.

Or a whole bunch of other stupid little things i need want.

Oh plus i’m also still waiting to get invoiced by Cook and Becker for the sold out, limited edition of 30, Hand Signed Deluxe Yoshitaka Amano The Last of Us print that i managed to snag out of sheer luck.

Don’t tell my wife how much THAT cost.

I definitely don’t need a new TV right now.

I want a new TV

I’m in the market for a new TV. My current TV is an 85″ Sony X90H from 2020. Got that TV to go with my PS5 which had just came out at the time.

This was my setup in December 2020. Only major change since then is a new Dolby Atmos soundbar (Samsung HW-Q990B)

Local stores in Brunei didn’t sell that TV in that size so i had to import it from B&H Photo Video in New York.

Yeah, i bought an 85″ TV and got it shipped from New York to Brunei via DHL.

Who buys an 85″ TV and gets it shipped from the other side of the world?

All in, it was actually CHEAPER than if i were to buy the same TV in 75″ (which was available locally) than me getting it from B&H Photo Video.

A 75″ X900H sourced locally would have cost me BND $4148 at the time.

The price of me importing an 85″ X90H cost me BND $39XX, INCLUDING shipping and tax.

And just like the time i bought a Vewlix Arcade cabinet from China, my wife was not exactly pleased.

This was when then Vewlix got delivered:

REMEMBER: buy first, ask for forgiveness later.

Anyway, this was when i got the TV.

Had to get the DHL guy and another buddy of mine to help carry the damn thing up the stairs to my Mancave.

Had to endure the wife’s yakking while carrying the TV up but whateverrrrrrrr.

But it’s 2024 now and i want something new and BIGGER.

I actually did buy a new TV in 2022, a 65″ LG C1. The C2 was already out at the time but i opted to get a C1 at recommendation of MLiG (the C1 was better for gaming).

The C1 was GREAT. An upgrade from the X90H in a lot of areas except size. I had to settle for a 65″ because the 83″ was just out of my price range. And i don’t think it was even available for sale at that size? At least locally.

I ended up selling the 65″ C1 and going back to using the 85″ X90H.

Once you go 85″, it’s hard going back to something smaller.

And now i just have to go bigger.

So the next TV i have my eyes set on is a 98″ TCL C755.

And once again, local stores are only carrying up to 75″, but i’ve looked around and managed to get a quote from a store across the border in Miri, Malaysia, and they can sell one to me for RM $22,999 + RM $1000 for tax and delivery.

So that’s roughly around BND $6882 (which is around USD $ 5163). Whatever, i can bite the bullet.

I might take the plunge sometime in February. Maybe March. We’ll see what happens.

How the fuck am i going to sneak a 98″ TV past my wife though.

A package from Amazon

Just arrived. Bought a bunch of 4K Blurays.

This is actually my second time buying 4K Blurays. Picked up Titanic, Avatar and Avatar The Way of Water this time.

What can i say, i have a boner for James Cameron.

I’ve had a 4K UHD Bluray player ever since i got my PS5 back in 2020 but never actually owned 4K Blurays until like a few weeks ago.

My first bunch of 4K Blurays i got over Black Friday:

  • The Evil Dead Groovy Collection (1 – 2 – Ash vs Evil Dead Complete Series)
  • Army of Darkness
  • Evil Dead
  • Evil Dead Rise
  • Mission: Impossible 1 – 7
  • Matrix 1 – 4
  • The Princess Bride Criterion Collection

Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Steelbook arrived with a dent. Fucking Amazon and their lazy packing.

My next purchase will be Aliens, The Abyss,True Lies and Darkman once they’re all out in Feb and March.

Contemplating getting the Collector’s Edition for Darkman but $130 bucks is pretty steep for what you actually get (bunch of posters and cards). Might just end up getting the Steelbook on its own.