Look at how Amazon did that Funko POP dirty.

This was how they packaged everything. Everything else survived at least.

I don’t collect Funko POP! but had to get these Avril Lavigne ones.

Also got the Amazon exclusive colored variants of her records. Not sure why they don’t have an exclusive for The Best Damn Thing.

I may have an unhealthy obsession with her.

Here’s my Discogs profile if anybody was wondering. I usually only buy colored vinyl and have maybe 2 or 3 plain black ones in there.

The BTS and Taylor Swift vinyls, those i got for the wife.

Picked up NARC on a whim. I remember liking this movie a lot back in 2002. Looking at Joe Carnahan’s filmography, didn’t realize he directed The Grey. Had always heard good things about it, i should check it out someday.

Also, i fucked up when i pre-ordered that copy of Bound. I accidently got the Blu-ray version instead of the 4K UHD version. It arrived last week. What a dumb mistake. Now i’ll have to rebuy it on 4K. UGH.

I rewatched Bound and the movie still holds up. Jennifer Tilly is great. I’ve been trying to get my wife to watch it. She just thinks it’s some dumb 2000’s lesbian movie. IT’S SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

In conclusion, Bound is great. NARC is great. Avril Lavigne is great.


So i wanted a new TV.

Then i didn’t want a new TV.

But one of the local stores here FINALLY posted about them bringing in that 98″ TCL C755 that i wanted, on pre-order.

AND IT ONLY COSTS BND $2999??? (USD $2216)


And here i was thinking of getting a 98″ C755 imported from across the border from Malaysia, which would have cost me BND $6882 (USD $5163)

AND EVEN BETTER THAN A 98″ C755, now there’s a 2024 98″ C855 that they’re ALSO bringing in for BND $3999 (USD $2955)


I bought a 98″ TCL C855, which is better than the 98″ TCL C755.

Oh and there’s the 115″ X955 that they’re also bringing in, but for freakin’ BND $19999 (USD $14779), which is way, WAY out of my league.

But a 98″ C855 for BND $3999, i can definitely do.So i got it all paid off and now i’m just waiting for July to roll on by and for it to get delivered.

My wife doesn’t know and i’m probably gonna get an earful, and fucked in the ass.

But these prices man, so weird. I just don’t understand why the price so much lower than in other neighboring countries.

I checked and the retail price for a 98″ C855 in Singapore is SGD $9199 (USD $6800) compared to BND $3999 (USD $2955).

(Note: Brunei and Singapore currency is pegged, so we share the exact share currency exchange rate)

That’s like, more than HALF off…!

And the price i would have paid to get a C755 (not even a c855) imported from Malaysia (RM $22,999 + RM $1000 for tax and delivery) would’ve ended up twice the price of if i were to just get a C855 here..! (BND $3999 C855 vs BND $6882 imported C755)

But hey, BND $3999 (USD $2955), i’ll take it!

Now granted, these are just TCL TVs. Not exactly Sony or Samsung or LG tier TVs. But for the features and the price, BND $3999 (USD $2955) for a 98″ Mini-LED TV with 3500 nit peak brightness, it just makes sense. And it’s a substantial enough upgrade from my 2020 85″ Sony X90H.

I own two other TCL TV around the house. A 55″ C735 and a 65″ C645, just bedroom and living room TVs. Specs aren’t too crazy on these ones but they’re pretty good for what they are. So i’m pretty familiar with TCL.

Is this the last TV i’ll ever buy?

Well, maybe if 115″ TVs ever become affordable in there future.

I’ll take pics of the TV once it’s here.

I have NO idea what i’m going to do with my 85″ Sony X90H though. Where could i even put that thing.


My 4K UHD Bluray just arrived in the mail from Amazon today. It was shipped in a paper envelope if you’re wondering. But it’s ok, it’s not a Steelbook.

Was hoping it’d get here in time for it’s 20th year anniversary (on 30 April 2024).

Cute pink case! So fetch!

It came in this slipcover:

I watched the 2024 Mean Girls a while back. It was aaaaaaalright. It was a musical. I liked the new Gretchen. Can’t beat the original though.

Lacey Chabert posted this 5 years ago

This Walmart ad is probably the closest we’ll get to a Mean Girls 2004 sequel:

Just needs more Regina

Speaking of movies from the 2000’s, i also recently watched another favorite of mine, Bring It On. And wow, some of the scenes in that movie would never fly in this day and age lol. The anti-LGBT language and casual sexual assault in that movie? OUTRAGE! The woke mob would cancel the shit out of this movie in 2024.

I need this in 4k UHD

The 2000’s were a different time.


In another flimsy ass envelope.

I’m dreading the day they ship out my pre-ordered steelbook copy of The Crow but it looks like there’s going to be a slipcover on the thing so there’s at least gonna be some extra protection against dents.

Also, not my Crow:

The violence looks pretty good tho.

But yeah, these just arrived:

I guess i’m glad i preordered as soon as it was up on Amazon because it’s apparently out of stock now in most places.

They didn’t manage to ship out Aliens together in this package (it just got shipped out yesterday actually) but at least i don’t have to wait for however long it takes to get restocked.

Saw a bunch of posts on r/4kbluray complaining of shipment delays and the Cameron discs being sold out. So much that they had to start removing posts about it.

That steelbook copy of The Crow is also “Currently unavailable” on Amazon now. I guess physical copy FOMO is a thing. Reminder to preorder the things i really want really early.

Next on the to buy list:

Just got announced and it comes out June 18th. Jennifer Tilly!

AI photo editing

My old phone was a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from 2018. It did not have native AI photo editing.

My new phone is a Samsung S24+ from 2024. It has native AI photo editing.

Now obviously the first first thing i tried was to fix this photo of Avril Lavigne and remove that star on her boob. And maybe see if it would generate a tit.

Spoilers: AI did not generate the tit.

…i can still fap to this.


Since i didn’t buy that new TV.

I got a PlayStation Portal.

I got a Meta Quest 3.

I got a Samsung Galaxy S24+.

I got a Deco BE65.

I got an Amazfit Balance.

I got a bunch more 4K Blurays.

Oh and i rebought all the Mission Impossible movies again but in steelbooks this time.

I found out about the steelbook releases and now steelbooks are thing i want to start collecting. UGH. So i rebought all the MI movies because i’m stupid like that.

I previously bought the 6 movie collection thing plus the Dead Reckoning steelbook (which got dented in transit thanks to Amazon’s shit packaging).

Speaking of which, Amazon has been doing an incredibly shitty job at packaging and shipping out these Blurays. Like what the fuck is this:

I got half the Mission Impossible steelbooks IN A FLIMSY ENVELOPE WITH NO BUBBLE WRAP.

And the rest of them IN A BOX WITH ZERO PADDING.

I’m surprised none of them got damaged in transit this time. Seriously wtf.

The Darkman steelbook at least got shipped out in a bubble mailer thing.

But still, these things are prone to get dented. Use a box or wrap ’em up in some bubble wrap at the very least.

Oh and not forgetting the time they shipped out my Avril Lavigne Love Sux Vinyl LIKE THIS:



So i already have a Steam Deck, which i originally got back in December 2022. Bought the 64GB model at the time and upgraded the internal storage to 2TB.

Just bought a 512 GB Steam Deck OLED today and first order of business was to swap out the 2TB SSD from the LCD into the new OLED.

A straight swap and everything worked fine. Now i have a fresh empty 512GB Steam Deck LED that i might sell off? Or maybe i’ll just hand it down to my kid.

You know, i actually had an Asus ROG Ally which i bought back at launch. It was alright. Used it quite a bit, mostly playing Baldur’s Gate 3, but i eventually ended up selling it because i just preferred Steam OS. Windows was not built for handheld gaming.

But yeah, that OLED screen is super nice. Colors really pop and the blacks are really inky. OLED is amazing.

An 83″ OLED LG C4 (or G4) is now my goal for 2025.

Either that or a 98″ Mini LED TV. It’s gonna happen.