Osama bin Laden t-shirts! And more!

Please buy a t-shirt from this site. They make really good t-shirts. I suggest that you make your first purchase the “BINLADENFUKEN” one. It’s really sweet. In fact, ALL their shirts are really sweet.

I mean, come on now… wouldn’t YOU want to wear a shirt that says “I FUCKED THE GIRL IN HANSON!“?

I know i would.

Actually i wouldn’t but it would be SO COOL if YOU did! =D So you should go buy it now.

And if you think Hanson is kinda ‘out’ now, and you want something more… how do you say… ‘in’ and POPULAR AND COOL TO OWN… why not get yourself you very own “BIN LADEN IS A BIG FAT DOODIEHEAD!” t-shirt! Now i KNOW you’d want that one!

Of course, there’re also other less offensive (read: boring) BUT STILL COOL t-shirts that you can buy! Those ones you can find through here. The GOOD t-shirts.

But for the BAD ONES (bad in a good way that is), you can find through clicking on this link.


Oh and if you own a website and would like to earn money by selling THESE COOL t-shirts ($5 for each one sold!), then you could do no worse than to click here and SIGN UP!

Phew. Okay.

I’ll don’t think i’ll ever be a good salesman.

Um. Go buy some cool fucked up t-shirts.

One thought on “Osama bin Laden t-shirts! And more!

  1. Ali Larter for your pics!

    Yeah! Ali Larter all the way.

    #1 | Comment by Kel-Vin Chang — October 18, 2001 @ 12:16 pm

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