DVD’s, women, the usual…

I know. I’ve been lazy today. It’s kinda hard to concentrate on posting when you’ve got Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Special Edition on DVD staring at you right in your face.

So how about… pics Kim Smith? To distract you from the lack of posts today.

To: “Justin FUBAR” psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: Kim Smith
From: “Stephanie Goh” fuzzy@absolutely-fuzzy.com
Date: Sat, Oct 20 2001 2:46:57 AM +0800


Just thought of one more chick you could add to your list – Kim Smith. She was a Guess? model.. also appeared in Nsync’s
Bye bye bye video I think (I hate NStink)

I guess I don’t have to mention the fact that she’s gorgeous. 🙂 With nice tits. http://www.kimsmithmodel.com/victoria_s_secret.html


Now you know you wanna check that link out.

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