Mi salsa mi salsa!

Yeaaaaaaaaah! No school for a whole week. Because Monday is Memorial Day and i only have classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. So i’ve got all this free time to watch all those DVDs i bought. Holla!

So omg, i saw that Avril Lavigne MTV special and like, omg, she’s so cute! Love her new hair color. Not to fond of the curly hair she’s been sporting on late night TV appearances tho. Not sure if you all read the comments but this is exactly why i don’t listen to/care much for music. Because all you music listeners are such elitist fuckers! Always complaining about Avril’s (GOOD) singing and (GOOD) lyrics and posing (NOT) and blah blah blah WHATEVERRRRR. AVRIL IS TEH PRINCESS OF PUNK!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Ah Avril… we go back a long way. Summer of 2002… i had you plastered up all over my website… long before anybody ever even heard of you… way before you even got super famous… hell, i even became you for a while! You have some dumb as shit fans but DAYUM, you’re hott. I’d hit you up three times a day and five times on Saturdays. One love.

Diana Degarmo lost American Idol. Poor her. Must’ve been tough since she’s only 16 and all. It would’ve been a miracle if she won. I wonder though, would she have gotten booed if she had won? Like when people actually CHEERED when Jasmine Trias got booted off? Ahahahha. Best. But good job Fantasia! AMERICAN IDOL! *thumbs up*

OMG so how about the weather EH? It’s been raining pretty much everyday now in Michigan and there’s like floods everywhere and like tornados and stuff all over the midwest. LIKE OMG DUDESSSSSS IT MUST BE LIKE, A CONSPIRACY OR SOMETHING. AND DEAN DEVLIN AND ROLAND EMMERICH ARE BEHIND IT ALL!!! TO PROMOTE THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW!!!!!

I hope i can get tickets to go see it tomorrow. Otherwise i’d have to go see The Day After Tomorrow… THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. OH ZING!

Speaking of Michigan:

To: psykotik@gmail.com
From: “AARON NIEMAN” Moonblade70X@msn.com
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 03:31:40 -0400

There’s no way you live in Kalamazoo, Michigan… I do too (Well technically, Mattawan right now, but this summer, Kalamazoo) which is very weird… I’ve never heard of anybody online living this close to me. By the way, I love what you’ve done with the site, and I look forward to spending more time on it.


Plug: Project Blog. This should interest you if you’re a hardcore blogger.

Okay fuckers, site news. I actually switched servers AGAIN last week because well, 115 gigs of bandwidth just ain’t enough so now we’ve got 150 per month. Which, theoretically, should be enough to keep the site alive all month if i can keep it down to 5 gigs of usage per day. I found an even better host that offered me more gigs for a lesser price than the host i was previously at. So yeah, big ups to WebSpaceDepot (If any of you are thinking of signing up with them, tell em that i sent you). Anyhow, if you guys don’t want fubar to die at the end of every month (even despite having 150 gigs to burn) then, for the love of Diana Degarmo’s plump little rump, regulate your visits or something! Otherwise chip in!

Also, to offset you little “FIRST POST!!@!1!~!” fuckers in the comments section, let’s try something new. How about singling out commenters that have the best or funniest comment to make? Who knows, you could probably even gain some kind of reputation and recognition and become a legend among your other fubarb peers or something. And for the love of God, those of you who don’t have proper screennames, aliases, posting names or whatever, get one and fucking stick with it!

Now have some Scarlett – i’m so fucking beautiful – Johansson.

Love the fishnets.

Seacrest out!

64 thoughts on “Mi salsa mi salsa!

  1. oh my god

    #1 | Comment by talibanshee — May 27, 2004 @ 8:08 am

  2. I watched 8-legged freaks last night just to se Scarlet and Kari in the same screen shot…they have that "mom and Daughter" kiss……mmmm

    #2 | Comment by talibanshee — May 27, 2004 @ 8:11 am

  3. More Hilary Duff pictures!!!!!

    #3 | Comment by C-dizz — May 27, 2004 @ 8:14 am

  4. fuck me scarlett is hot…

    #4 | Comment by Joe — May 27, 2004 @ 8:52 am


    Are you fucking serious. There is no such thing. Avril is just an attention grabbing bitch with no musical talent.

    #5 | Comment by Avril Sux Cock — May 27, 2004 @ 8:52 am

  6. she looks fucking perfect in pic #2. I never paid her much attention before Translation, but since then I’ve developed quite the fever for Scarlett.

    sorry for the pun, it was just too easy.

    #6 | Comment by kromekoran — May 27, 2004 @ 9:11 am

  7. wow, someone had a few too many red bull last night…eh, justin? run on, run on, little doggie

    #7 | Comment by ryan — May 27, 2004 @ 9:12 am

  8. I think Justin has finally snapped… too much shawl sniffing will do that to you, or so I hear.

    #8 | Comment by supermerlin — May 27, 2004 @ 9:12 am

  9. he was a nice boy but this was bound to happen – blame ‘titanic’.

    #9 | Comment by sarah — May 27, 2004 @ 9:20 am

  10. im not a big fan of american idol…i knew the last three people were fantasia dianna and jasmine and i was hoping jasmine would win cause she is the hottest one ….fantasia is anoyying as fuck i cant stand her voice and dianna is short and fat IMO jasmine had that sexy island girl thing going for her and a hawaian hadnt one before and i have theory of how thoose shows are setup and a white female won then a black male won so i figured they would give it to jasmine cause she is neither but looks like i was wrong fantasia took all the cookies and now im gonna have to see her ugly face all over my tv now…great

    #10 | Comment by lurker/poster — May 27, 2004 @ 9:21 am

  11. i don’t want Avril or Scarlett.. I WANT EMMA WATSON!

    #11 | Comment by dek0nstruc — May 27, 2004 @ 9:26 am

  12. I feel Scarlett can’t quite get her hair right. It’s always just.. shit. It looked alright in 8 legged freaks, but since then.. meh. She needs to hook up with Avril and discuss hair. mmmmm .. Scarlett and Avril.

    #12 | Comment by Lock — May 27, 2004 @ 9:32 am

  13. woohoo 13

    #13 | Comment by Mom — May 27, 2004 @ 9:36 am

  14. ok…time to play today’s game.
    with our contestants, Diana DeGarmo, Fantasia Barrino, and Jasmine Trias!

    I think I know how the voting will go,
    chime in y’all!

    #14 | Comment by mcgoober — May 27, 2004 @ 9:59 am

  15. Good luck america!!! Hope you guys won’t puke to death or lost your appetite seeing your IDOL everywhere and all the time from this day onwards 🙂

    #15 | Comment by J — May 27, 2004 @ 10:00 am

  16. I mean lose

    #16 | Comment by J — May 27, 2004 @ 10:01 am

  17. dude, u stole my screen name.

    #17 | Comment by j — May 27, 2004 @ 10:02 am

  18. Fuck – Jasmine
    Marry – Diana

    #18 | Comment by Big Daddy Cool — May 27, 2004 @ 10:07 am

  19. Speaking of Stalking, I just watched this short film about two girls who stalk this guy and one gets naked — SWEET! Here’s the link: Stalked!

    #19 | Comment by Stalk Me! — May 27, 2004 @ 10:18 am

  20. So sorry. Only use it to post american idol stuff. Wont post with this nick anymore.

    #20 | Comment by J — May 27, 2004 @ 10:24 am

  21. Take your stupid ass fuck marry kill game elsewhere. This is the comments section fucktard. Besides, all the answers will be the same. WORST. SETUP. EVER. http://fmkcelebs.com

    #21 | Comment by bob the builder — May 27, 2004 @ 10:25 am

  22. has anyone noticed that Courtney Peldon is at every movie premiere? the bitch has never had a significant role in anything and yet shows up at every premiere.

    Also check out Hayden Panettiere, I guarantee she is the next Lohan.

    #22 | Comment by chu chu — May 27, 2004 @ 11:22 am

  23. Fuck – Diana
    Marry – Jasmine

    #23 | Comment by Ben Dover — May 27, 2004 @ 12:11 pm

  24. Tsunami Bomb’s Agent M is the princess of punk. But pictures don’t do her justice. I saw them in concert late last year, and she’s remarkable in person. She was even just chillin in the crowd with people after their set was done.

    Avril is pretty friggin’ hot though, you can’t deny it. Anyone who does is just nuts. She’s not punk, she’s got her own style – why can’t people just accept that? People have different ideas about what punk is … it’s very blurry. Some people think Alister, and New Found Glory are punk – others say the Bouncing Souls – more say Strike Anywhere and that type of hardcore music is punk – and then there’s old punk like the Sex Pistols.

    What the hell does it matter really? Forget what the shit the genre says it is – it’s just good music if you can feel it inside. You know good music from bad music just by hearing it, and Avril has some good music. Doesn’t matter what the frig you call it. It’s good.

    * Also, Scarlett really looked into that book

    #24 | Comment by j.jingles — May 27, 2004 @ 12:14 pm

  25. Good Call on Hayden Panettiere she is going to grow up to be quite a piece, but she isnt 15 yet so look at her as a nice young lady not sweet peice of ass http://tinyurl.com/3h2xt

    #25 | Comment by senason — May 27, 2004 @ 12:15 pm

  26. You say shes the princess of punk? Even though she came out on tv and said shes not punk and doesnt catergorize herself into punk. You suck at life justin.

    #26 | Comment by Bizkit — May 27, 2004 @ 12:16 pm

  27. I was reading that whole post and I must say Justin you sounded a bit homoish.

    Fuck Jasmine
    Kill Paula
    Marry uhhhh fuck the rules! Jessica Alba!!!

    #27 | Comment by Alias — May 27, 2004 @ 12:22 pm

  28. where be da bubba?

    Hayden is so sweet! Don’t even go there..

    I swear, the talk of the whole girls before legal makes me feel like we are almost talking about old grandmothers in garder belts… or is it just me that thinks its THAT nasty?

    Pop quiz: who loves Avril more?
    1 – Justin goes beyond the bounds of stalker to enter the relm of ‘jail seems like home so far’
    2 – Bubba walks the thin like between Avril and Keli but we gotta say he daunts more Avril mostly
    3 – Avril herself seems to have the biggest infatuation with the way people preceive her

    #28 | Comment by onederfool1 — May 27, 2004 @ 12:22 pm

  29. You trick me, Justina. I thought your post is about Salsa and I read it all the way down. All I have is Scarletts…

    Para mi salsa!

    #29 | Comment by smn — May 27, 2004 @ 12:23 pm

  30. I agree with the following:
    -Hayden "Kairi from Kindom Hearts/The girl from Ally McBeal" Panettiere is gonna be hot.
    -Agent M of Tsunami Bomb is the princess of punk. They are just so good…
    -Avril never was punk, even though she called herself punk originally, so therefore she cannot be the princess of punk. Doesn’t make her any less hot tho.

    #30 | Comment by Greg — May 27, 2004 @ 12:27 pm

  31. I’m right heeeeeere!

    Avril is a Goddess, but Keli is like…tch…a better Goddess! I’d die for Keli…I’d die for Avril too though. I’d pretty much die for anybody I didn’t hate, and maybe even some I do hate…that’s just no good then. I’d kill for Keli. Would I really? Would I? Probly! I’d probably kill for quite a number of people if needed be…so that’s no good either. Seems I have nothing to offer to anybody but killing and dying, so I’m just going to leave…

    #31 | Comment by Bubba — May 27, 2004 @ 12:34 pm

  32. Scarlett Johansson makes my penis happy.

    #32 | Comment by Dex — May 27, 2004 @ 12:40 pm

  33. I think what a lot of people fail to realize is that Justin is playing you all like meat puppets. Long time regulars are hip to the fact that this site has a ton of tongue in cheek humor [avril being punk – Justin knows she’s not punk, he’s just playing it up to piss people off; he said it himself, he thinks music fans are elitist. What better way to push their buttons? Titanic infatuation – again, he knows that people hate this movie with a vengeance so he purposefully says it’s the best movie ever. His supreme gayness – again, he’s just fucking around with you]. Look back into the archives and you’ll realize that there are A LOT of running jokes that probably go over the newbies heads. I too thought that something was a little off with Justin but then upon further investigation, i discovered that he is an incredibly sneaky little bugger and his posts have a level of double speak that will totally fool the unknowing into thinking that he’s actually serious [when it’s SO obvious he’s not… i hope]. I think someone said it best the other day when he said "look at where you are the site is called fubar and the URL is dontlinkthis.net" or something to thqat effect.


    #33 | Comment by YOU ARE ALL BEING PLAYED — May 27, 2004 @ 1:01 pm

  34. You ever notice everyone who talks about punk, especially the devoted ones who like the traditional or older punk bands, always say a bunch of band names where you don’t know 70% of them. But I have to say I prefer punkers with a female singer and not those gay-ass ones with high pitched boys like Good Charlotte.

    #34 | Comment by qchad — May 27, 2004 @ 1:03 pm

  35. qhey qchad, qinstead qof qjust qdismissing q70% qof qthe qbands, qwhy qnot qtry qlistening qto qsome qof qthem. qyou qmay qlike qwhat qyou qhear. qnot qeveryone qsounds qlike qgood qcharlotte.

    #35 | Comment by BabyEaterMmm — May 27, 2004 @ 1:20 pm

  36. ha! Meat Puppets… good call Y.A.B.P. But seriously, who cares if Avril wants to call herself punk–I mean, she’s clearly not–but what does it matter when she’s that freakin’ hot? Good call on that Hayden chick–I’d never seen her before, but she does have that little teen starlet thang going on.

    #36 | Comment by MattP — May 27, 2004 @ 1:24 pm

  37. worst american idol ever.

    #37 | Comment by comic book guy — May 27, 2004 @ 1:29 pm

  38. i cant wait to see that movie the last day or whatever, the effects look sick…

    the website is even bad ass. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


    #38 | Comment by Chris — May 27, 2004 @ 1:41 pm

  39. Scarlett…jesus god that face is perfect, those legs lok delicious in fishnet, and she’s reading fucking Chekov*. will she ever let me down?

    * possibly it’s a prop and these are from a film set, but I choose to think not.

    #39 | Comment by blackwhitetaupe — May 27, 2004 @ 1:52 pm

  40. Great fucking call with the ZING!!!

    Good usage…

    That word is money in the bank if you use it right

    #40 | Comment by Mr2GQ — May 27, 2004 @ 1:57 pm

  41. Here’s the book she was reading


    maybe it’s for a part

    #41 | Comment by jojo — May 27, 2004 @ 2:02 pm


    Oh, and from her site, we see that she loves men that rape little boys: http://www.usatoday.com/life/people/2004-01-20-jackson-fans_x.htm

    Jamie Leigh and all other dope smoking grungy liberal democrats AWAY

    #42 | Comment by Rush Limbaugh — May 27, 2004 @ 2:04 pm

  43. "qhey qchad, qinstead qof qjust qdismissing q70% qof qthe qbands, qwhy qnot qtry qlistening qto qsome qof qthem. qyou qmay qlike qwhat qyou qhear. qnot qeveryone qsounds qlike qgood qcharlotte."

    Posted by BabyEaterMmm – 1:20pm May 27, 2004

    Okay that must have taken some time… I have listed to a lot of punk bands like Misfits, Ramones, Sex Pistols Dropkick Murphy’s… I don’t like most mainstream stuff because as someone said, it’s watered down. Since others suggest stuff I will suggest Mindless Self Indulgence. They fucking rock and incorporate genres like Hip Hop, Jungle, Rock, Techno and whatever else they get there hands on. There enjoy.

    #43 | Comment by qchad — May 27, 2004 @ 2:11 pm

  44. don’t watch that stupid "stalked" movie that guy posted. waste of 20 minutes.

    #44 | Comment by blah — May 27, 2004 @ 3:08 pm

  45. Speaking of that stalked video…did the last few seconds get cut off for you? I feel like not only did I waste 20 minutes, but I missed the punchline… 🙁

    #45 | Comment by blahblah — May 27, 2004 @ 3:45 pm

  46. jesus fucking christ…
    Scarlett in fishnets and big fucking boots. That is fucking hot. It’s nice to see a girl wearing such things without being a mall-goth.

    #46 | Comment by Doctor_Doom — May 27, 2004 @ 3:57 pm

  47. Here is an interesting Blog about our favorite freak, Jamie Leigh: http://tinyurl.com/2usnw

    #47 | Comment by Razor — May 27, 2004 @ 4:13 pm

  48. Justin doesen’t really like avril, infact, no one does it’s just a big conspiracy. He just does it to piss you all off. As for the fishnets.. cum.

    #48 | Comment by Trip — May 27, 2004 @ 4:19 pm


    #49 | Comment by Justin — May 27, 2004 @ 4:28 pm

  50. I’d like to get caught in those fishnets

    #50 | Comment by hoodoo — May 27, 2004 @ 4:30 pm

  51. Here’s some interesting info I stumbled across…

    Jamie Leigh
    AIM: xAnAmericanGrrl
    Phone: 908-431-1119

    #51 | Comment by Jamie Leigh Hater — May 27, 2004 @ 4:49 pm

  52. God……Avril is so fucking punk!

    #52 | Comment by grud — May 27, 2004 @ 5:12 pm

  53. Avril is hot, no doubt about it. Shes not a punk artist but she is a little punk. I’d still do her though.
    Scarlett on the other hand, I would kill to bend her over! What I would do with her the other 23 hours and 57 minutes I don’t know.

    #53 | Comment by Sunstrider — May 27, 2004 @ 5:42 pm

  54. i can’t believe that ape looking skank won.

    should have given it to the teen ass.
    always. teen ass.

    repeat the mantra.

    #54 | Comment by scentless — May 27, 2004 @ 6:06 pm

  55. So uh…

    What’s up with all the Jamie Leigh stuff?

    #55 | Comment by Seriously — May 27, 2004 @ 6:56 pm

  56. Given my ungodly powers as a pseudo-admin over this site, in twelve hours I will begin combing old posts for IP addresses (yes, you have been logged), and then editing the screennames for your posts systematically, labelling the lot of you formerly anonymous posters as such: "Jackass 1", "Jackass 2", "Cock-knocker 1", and so on.

    Yes, my agent has advised against this, but he also advised that I make Gigli and Jersey Girl.

    #56 | Comment by Ben Affleck — May 27, 2004 @ 7:01 pm

  57. Okay that must have taken some time… I have listed to a lot of punk bands like Misfits, Ramones, Sex Pistols Dropkick Murphy’s…

    yeah qchad, those are REAL obscure. very underground.

    #57 | Comment by pfft — May 27, 2004 @ 7:29 pm

  58. Yes, my agent has advised against this, but he also advised that I make Gigli and Jersey Girl.

    You wanted to do Jersey Girl because Kevin Smith wrote the part for you. Jersey Girl was a good movie. Def.

    #58 | Comment by Greg — May 27, 2004 @ 7:44 pm

  59. Peaches’ real name is Merrill Nisker. Her cousins
    run Niskers Char-Broiled Foods restaurant in
    Kalamazoo, Michigan.

    via PopBitch. So your stalker can stalk Peaches, instead.

    #59 | Comment by Allie — May 27, 2004 @ 9:52 pm

  60. I really like the way Ms. Johansson is dressed in those pictures.

    This is a silly question, but is there a name or term for that style of dressing?

    #60 | Comment by Seriously — May 27, 2004 @ 11:37 pm

  61. This is a silly question, but is there a name or term for that style of dressing?


    #61 | Comment by Sunstrider — May 28, 2004 @ 3:02 am

  62. kalimazoo, michigan… i actually know a guy from there… his name is john fountain… happen to know him or hear of his exploits? he’s a storyboard artist… very supremo… but anyway, while i agree that avril is indeed hot… her music in my opinion aint rock or punk… maybe in canada the "this ti-i-i-i-i-i-ime" passes for sum sort of ultra cool rock music… but in the states i dont think so… or her very many and loves to go "yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah" but i bet if u were able to hit her she’d be singing it for another reason lol… lindsay lohan is hot.. defientely… and with all those pics of her your got i wonder… duz she know that she got sum huge tits and duz she care that they are flying out of any top she wears… the SNL harry potter sketch was definitely bomb… hahha this site rocks… i still remember the joke about being a rider of lohan… thats classic keep up the good work … some tall guy in california

    #62 | Comment by The Tall Asian — May 28, 2004 @ 6:58 am

  63. I wanted Diana to win, shes a cutie, I’d fuck her in an instant.

    Fuck- Diana
    Marry- Diana
    Kill- Fantasia

    #63 | Comment by Yeah... — May 28, 2004 @ 3:04 pm

  64. i’d just like to comment on the pictures of scarlett johanssen: the cafe at which she’s seated is none other than cafe reggio in the west village, about a block from where i lived last year.

    #64 | Comment by chewy — May 30, 2004 @ 7:15 pm

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