I was right

HAH! I knew it! I was just watching Final Fantasy on DVD (again) last night and i have thus confirmed my suspicions of Aki wearing a metal bra throughout the whole movie. An iron bra to be exact. I remember when i did a review of the movie when it first came out and highlighting the fact that she was wearing an iron bra… only to have some fucking idiot e-mailing about how it wasn’t a metal bra and how it was just some chestplate or whatever the fuck he called it.

Well, if you listen to the Japanese commentary on the disc, you’ll be able to hear them talk about said metal bra. The commentary’s in Japanese but there are subtitles. And this below, is word for word what they actually said:

“Aki’s bra projects the hologram.”

– “There’s a device attached to it.”

– “It’s a iron bra.”

“If she takes it off, she’ll die.”

If she takes it off, she’ll die.

HAHAHAHAHA. That’s terrible. Dying just because you took off your bra. Hahahahaha!


So again, about the Final Fantasy movie. I’m sure that most of you hardcore FF fans out there who’ve seen the movie probably felt disappointed by it somewhat. For whatever reason it may be. I for one was disappointed that there were no Chocobos in it.

What i didn’t know (until i listened to the commentary that is…) was that there actually ARE Chocobos in the movie (sorta)! Two of them in fact.

The first one pops up on Aki’s night dress earlier in the movie just as she wakes up from the second dream she has. It kinda looks like drool but it’s actually a Chocobo. You really have to look closely.

Should be too hard. It’s right on her right boob.

The second one shows up on this suitcase that someone’s carrying. During the scene where there’s mass hysteria in Barrier City and that spaceship carrier thing crashes into the crowd. There’s one guy holding a suitcase. It has a Chocobo on it.

In other news:

I found this in my comments. It’s about Libby Hoeler.

“VERY nice to see Elizabeth “Libby” Hoeller is so prominent in the news. Her story was the one taking place in Wisconsin, and the original videos posted of her have her name, address and phone number in the beginning. What a sick ex-boyfriend, he didn’t need to do that. Good thing he ended up getting a 12-moth prison sentence out of it.


Oooh. I guess her name really is Libby Hoeler. Someone once told me that it wasn’t. Not that it matters anyway. A naked dancing girl is still a naked dancing girl no matter what her name is.

I’m back on the Osama bin Laden search index again by the way.

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