Mad phat ass updates yo. Heheh. Well, not really actually. Just wanted to say that

i actually emailed like…100 people and told them bout this site. Well, if you’re one of those people..WOO HOO! You came! Thanks! Sign the guestbook. Anyway, that obviously was a good trick to get this site more hits. I mean..it wouldn’t look impressive

if i only has like.. 17 on the counter would it? My other site’s currently standing at 11483 which is pretty fucking good if i may say so myself. Let’s see if i can get as many hits on this site. I doubt it though.

I *probably* won’t be updating that other site of mine as much though. But don’t rule that possibility. Check it out once in a while. It’d be a good idea to bookmark this site and that site too. This site’s updated *almost* on an hourly basis whenever possible. So visit every hour.. haha. Only if you’re interested in reading bout my pitiful life that is.

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