For those of you who actually live in Brunei and are forced to used sucky Brunet as an ISP well here’s some good news. DSL cable modems are gonna be introduced. It isn’t as good as T1 or T3 connections. But it sure is a sight better then crappy 56k modems. Beggars can’t be choosers. Anyway:

“so u hate Brunet huh?….. dont we all……. dont fret tho…….. JTB is offering DSL soon at a very low price…… its comin in august with 128k for home users and 512k for corporates………installation’s gonna cost around $400/$500………then theres n unlimited chat monthly fee for less than $100 maybe around $70/$80”

That was quoted from a pretty reliable source. DSL. It’s about fucking time i say.

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