It’s independence day today in the US or better known as the Fourth of July. Anyway, as you might notice, i’m up pretty early today eh? Well, actually i didn’t even sleep at all last night. Been watching movies all night. Watched Chicken Run. That was a good one. Them chickens were freaky. Constantly smiling and all. See for yourself. The Patriot was very good. I guess Devlin and Emmerich didn’t fuck it up this time. Stargate was good, ID4 was very good, Godzilla deserves to be in the hall of ass but The Patriot is up there with the very good. Good job guys. I also didn’t expect the comedy bits in Patriot to be there at all. But what was there made me laugh. Also watched Rules Of Engagement. That was an alright movie. Considering it was made by one hit wonder William ‘Exorcist’ Friedkin. The next two (2) movies i’m looking out for now are The Perfect Storm and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Damn…the way that cannonball took off that guy’s head in The Patriot…musta reeeeeaally hurt. And that fucking redcoat, i’ve never hated a bad guy as much as i hated Kefka from Final Fantasy 3 on SNES….until now. Watch The Patriot to see what i mean.

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