88 fucking minutes???

X-Men: Where’d it go? In a Summer where most movies are clocking in at around two hours or more in length, the upcoming actioneer “X-Men” bucks the model with a final running time of 88 minutes.

Movieheadlines talked with a source who revealed the film’s original cut ran 2 hours and 15 minutes but around 45 minutes was removed to make it faster and pacier. A lot of slower, non-action, character development scenes were chopped – and because many involved were parts of various subplots, scenes involving those subplots had to go as well explaining why so much was removed. One of the stand alone scenes definitely removed was a part from the opening Holocaust sequence.

88 fucking minutes????! Shit. That’s a short movie. How the hell are they gonna flesh out all the characters subplots and shit in just 88 minutes?? I mean, Men in Black was short but it worked. Basically only two characters to follow. X-Men has what? At least 8 main characters and villains combined, Prof X and Senator Kelly. How are they gonna divide up the screen time for everyone?

They better not screw it up.

Guess we’ll just have to wait till the premiere.

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