Busy and gone

I haven’t been posting much today. Been busy. I’m gonna be pretty busy these next few days too. I’ve got a payroll case study assignment type thing to complete for school next week for Computing class. That sucks. I’m also not gonna be here from tomorrow onwards till Friday as i’ll be away and i wont have net access (i think) to update this site. I’m current looking for new hosts to host this shit site of mine. If all else fails, i’m just gonna go with hypermart.net. If any of you big boys out there who think that this site is worth hosting on your servers then e-mail me cuz i really need to be on one that allows cgi scripting. If this sounds like a desperate plea well….it is. I’ll even be your bitch if you host me. Haha. Anyway, so basically i’ll be gone from most of Wednesday till Friday. But i’ll try to update from someplace if i can.

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