Digital Pimp Of The Year Award

Yes. I am in the running for becoming the Digital Pimp Of The Year. It’s a simple contest run by Keegan of fame.

Basically all i have to do (with YOUR help of course) is to just get as many fan signs as i can with the words “JUSTIN IS MY DIGITAL PIMP” written somewhere on your body. Be it your boobs or your hand or your forehead. WHEREVER. As long as it’s WRITTEN somewhere on your BODY. Because it’s in the rules.

All entries must have, “your name” ( or domain name ) is my digital pimp” written somewhere on your Ho’s body. An example of this would be “IWANGF is my digital pimp” or “Amanda is my digital pimp”. All entries will be submitted directly to your Pimp, and they will in turn forward to me in order to have a more accurate count at the end.

No paper sign entries will be excepted, and the face of your “Ho” most be visible for submission along with their email so they can be contacted if they win Digital Ho of the Year. Entries can be linked to a URL and I can crop off head before displaying online to ensure privacy if Ho requests.

Entries with pictures of male or female genitals will be disqualified. Also if there are breasts exposed in an entry, they must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

Webmaster must not use misdirecting links to boost their traffic.

There will be a minimum of 3 entries in order to qualify for the contest, and only one entry per Ho. Ho’s may not be pimped by multiple webmaster’s. If this a Ho is found to be unfaithful, they will be disqualified from winning the “Ho of the Year” prize but this will not effect the webmaster’s standing. So make sure you send your entry to only your favorite webmaster … or else you may get nothing. Since the Ho prize will be picked by judges so it will help if you are more creative then the other Ho’s.

If it is discovered that you are cheating you will be tossed like the bitch ass you are.

Yeah. Bitch ass!

There are prizes.

Ceremonial Prizes:
Pimp – Custom “Digital Pimp of the Year” Pimp Hat
Ho – Custom “Ho of the Year Hat” Ho Party Hat

Domain Prizes:
Pimp – A shrine to your pimpness at &
Ho – Recognition as top Ho at the same domains

Cash Prizes:
Pimp – $200.00 cash
Ho – $100.00 cash

And if that isn’t incentive enough to send me some REAL fan signs (and not just some Photoshop-ed ones), then i don’t know what is.

And if all else fails, at least we both get something out of it. I get fan signs and you get 15 seconds of fame AND traffic towards your site.

Go here to read the rest of the rules page.

Now get crackin’ and make me some signs!

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