i watched The Kid

Okay i’m eating my words right now. The Kid, even though it’s a Disney movie, was very very good. It’s not great but it’s very very good and very worth seeing. Normally i never like watching Disney movies. And when i say Disney movies i mean live action movies like The Mighty Ducks and other countless crap kiddie Disney movies. Disney cartoons are different. I like watching them Disney cartoons. That Ariel chick from The Little Mermaid was hot. So was Belle from Beauty And The Beast. But hold on a sec, i’m getting sidetracked here. The Kid was a good movie. Hell, i must’ve laughed at least 6 or 7 times. That’s quite an accomplishment on my part. I barely laugh out loud while watching movies unless it’s really something funny. The Kid has lots of funny moments. Moreso than Scary Movie i might add. Both of them are good funny movies. Damn it feels good after watching a good movie like that.

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