Fire drill

So i’m in geography class right and then the fire alarm goes off. So everyone had to assemble at the field behind the gym. So i’m walking and walking and who do i see in front of me? I need not say but what was cool was that when she saw me she said “Oh hey, it’s you..”. Coooooooooool. Anyway, since she was new i told her what was going on, about the fire drill and all, a little bit of chit chat here and there about math and class and timetables and stuff while walking with her trying to find where our tutor group was. Apparently a bunch of people saw me and her and they (Shasha especially) started like…you know giving those ‘knowing’ “hey hey hey..!” looks. Jason came by soon later and he was probably thinking like…”Dammit” coz I made a better ‘move’ that he was supposed to make today.

“Do you wanna play?”

Hilarious. Anyway, during lunch i’ve got like at least 4 (four) people come up to me and say “Hey, i saw you talking to….”. WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?? Sheesh.

Anyway, Sam is currently posting in my forum so check that out. i’m outta here.

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