It’s long, it sucks

For those of you who live overseas that don’t know me personally, well i’d like to take the time in this post to clarify a few things to those who do know me personally. Sorry if some of you don’t ‘get’ this post. If you haven’t noticed recently, i’ve been taking names and kicking ass on my site which i don’t normally do to the, what some would say, extreme level that it already is. Well, i know that in my recent posts that i mentioned something of a bombshell to be dropped, well, here it is. My last day of school will be this Friday the 28th of July.

To tell you the truth, all of this so called hype about Jeanne and Dead Horse and naming names is just part of a ‘marketing scheme’ to generate hits for this site of mine. And as you can see (if you’re not blind), it has worked. If you click on the circle thing above my counter, you’ll see that my hit rate has gone up from 85 to 141 which i think is pretty good for a small site like mine. It’ll probably dwindle down once all the hype has died out and everything’ll probably go back to normal 30-49 hits a day like i used to get. Granted, while getting lots of hits isn’t really what an e/n site is all about, it sure does please the soul knowing that there are people out there who actually give a damn reading what i write everyday. I mean, it’d be pointless to update everyday and having only 4 people read it. By generating all this controversy, i’ve given myself hits, i’ve given
Oliver hits and i’ve probably even given thefatwebsite a couple of hits from eager people wondering if Dan Bell will retaliate.

On the subject of Dan Bell, i’d just like to say the guy pisses me off sometimes. I’m sure i piss off a other people too (Cough.. cough.. OLIVER!.. hack.. cough… hits for you Ol) but that’s the way it is. But as a sign of good gesture to Dan, i’ve decided to give him my copy of Tachyon: The Fringe (A Freespace kinda PC game) before i leave school. He can also keep my Freespace 2. No hard feelings. This site is kinda like my ‘diary’ and i like to vent my rage over people on it sometimes. You’re not the first Dan. About Jeanne, well, she’s a nice girl but the fact of the matter is that i don’t know her very well. And for those of you who think i’m trying to ‘get with her’….think about this…why would i even bother trying if i know i’ll be gone by next Friday?

So basically this Jeanne incident isn’t all that you thought it’d be (i.e. Me actually liking her and trying to get with her….you’re all wrong.). I do admit, she is quote unquote “” but realistically speaking, i could never get with her even if i tried even if i really WAS that into her. (Read the forums about this even though i sound like an ass whenever i reply to a message). Why do i have a feeling this’ll be a long post? Hope you don’t mind reading it.

I’d like to quote Oliver (while giving him hits..haha..running joke about hits coming up this next week.) on something he said: “(in) a simple twist of fate you could be stripped of friends especially if you keep up also this dodgy behaviour Justin!“. Ol, i’m leaving. Noone will give a fuck after i’m gone. I’m no legend. I won’t be on anyones ‘tributes to legends page’ like i have on my old site. Legend i’m not. Joke i am. Admit it.

So this’ll be my last week in school with all you guys who know me. It probably won’t be the last time you’ll see me yet but i certainly will be absent from the next next Monday. I don’t know if i’ve explained my motives well enough but basically here’s a summarized version of what i’m meaning to say: I’m leaving, no one will give a damn, i’ll go out not with a bang but with a whimper, don’t take this site too seriously, controversy is good if you want more hits to your site (which is what i’ve been basically doing), don’t eat yellow snow, the truth will set you free, don’t judge till you get the facts right, e/n isn’t all about hits (but they’re nice nonetheless), the Jeanne thing was blown way out of proportion by you guys..!

All i did was state what happened. =] It’s true…it’s true. Anyway, basically….what i’m trying to say is that i’m leaving and that’s why i’m kinda adopting this take names and kick ass i don’t give a fuuuuuuck attitude. Ya dig? Any comments should be directed in the forum.

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