Ohhhh shit

I did pretty much the unthinkable today. And i’m also expecting a very important person to visit this site later. Yep, i did it. I went up to her and told her about this site. So this post is especially directed to Jeanne (Okay so i did say that i wouldn’t write about her anymore but this is just too good for me not to mention to all you loyal readers that i oh so care about…besides, it’s a good opportunity for me to make a complete ass out of myself). Well, Jeanne, if you’re reading this, well all you have to do is scroll down and start reading from Tuesday the 18th of July. This is pretty much embarassing for me but i just had to tell you bout this site because i wouldn’t want you to misunderstand if you ever did find out about this site from someone else.

But basically, i told you pretty much what i had to say at the time just now to you. I just hope you won’t get offended or think that me and my friends are weirdos or anything. Heh.

I admit, it is a pretty ‘weird’ situation this is. But it’s all in good fun basically. You’ll have to read the posts from the bottom up starting from Tuesday the 18th of July to get the whole story.
It’s really embarassing but i just had to tell you because it’s my last week of school and i guess i just didn’t want you to get offended or anything if you ever found out about all of this from someone else. =) (Whoa, did i just say that twice? I swear i did…..whatever..)

E-mail me if you have anything to say. Or we could just talk tomorrow morning or something.

(Other readers: “Uh oh….Justin’s trying to ‘pull’ her”)

No i’m not.

Anyway, i’ve got more to post later on but this’ll do for now.

Dammit. It sucks to be me.

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