What will happen next?

I re-read my previous post and only now do i realize how GAY i sounded in that post. I apologize for that. It’s just that due to the event of me telling Jeanne about this site, i just gone all empty in the brain. I’ve partially lost some of my posting skills and proceeded to sound like a total ass (not that i already am). Anyway, this is basically what happened just now. Something i failed to mention due to my apparent brain freeze and tiny moment of gay sounding-ness.

I’d arranged with Jeanne earlier on to have a little chat because i had something to tell her. So there i am and there she was. We agreed on kinda meeting at S block. It was just after the school day ended and everyone was still around. Including all the people from my school that visit my site. And just so that they can feel happy reading their names on this site, i’ll list em out: Angela, John, Oliver, Sam, Jason, Kristian, Eric, Jia Shin, Jia Ying and a whole bunch of other people that i didn’t know who were also looking. So basically i walked over to Jeanne. Camilla was next to her and i think she kinda knew that was her ‘cue’ to leave cuz she kinda stepped away so that i could like..talk to Jeanne and all. So there i was, talking to her, while EVERYONE else was looking at me. I told her everything that i had to tell that was on my mind at the time. She took it pretty well actually. I was half expecting her to just run off or something. Anyway, after i gave her the URL of this site, i turned around only to see that Angela, John, Oliver and everyone else kinda lined up in a group just watching me ‘do my thing’. So i walk over to them and i think it was either Sam or Jason…they were clapping and like saying “Congratulations..!”. Bloody hell. Anyway, and Kristian and Eric came up to me and Eric was smiling like there was no tomorrow. Jia Ying was like…dammit…EVERYBODY was smiling. It was freaky. The whole situation was like something out of a movie.

Knowing me i probably looked like a fool. Heh. I have no idea if she’s read everything yet but if she did, i just hope that she doesn’t like wanna kill me or anything tomorrow. Heheh.

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