6 digits

Don’t bother reading this post if you’re not interested in what’ll happen next in this ongoing Jeanne saga. But for those of you do give a damn, here’s what happened just now:

Well, she replied to my e-mail and guess what? She gave me her phone number. Woo hoo. (You have no idea how ecstatic i am right now. Even though i’m not expressing it out right now….just know that i am)

Anyway, she said that it was cool if i called before 9 pm. I was kinda reluctant to call her because it’d probably seem like i was desperate or something but time is of the essence and i’m leaving school in about 3 (three) days so i thought i’d just better make the most of what little time i have to talk to her while i’m still part of this school.

So i called her up at bout 8:30pm and we talked for about 27 minutes 38 seconds (It was on my ‘duration of call’ thing. Yes, i’m sad for even posting this on here).

Anyway, i probably sounded like a total ass because i must’ve said the words “like”, “um” and “you know” like um…a million times you know.

Yeah, um….anyway, it was like…um…cool you know? Um..yeah.

I’m an ass.

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