Hey i just thought i’d post again cos i’m like so bored you know? Oh and i wanna give a shoutout to Camillafor being so nice just now. Anyway, i got a little story for you. It happened just now.

It’s computing class and the class next door was Jeanne’s class. Again, we could see what was happening in the other class though the glass window and it seemed Jeanne was late (She had Cello lessons or something).

Anyway, she came a few minutes later only to find that her class was full and all the chairs were taken. So she had to come into our class to borrow a chair.

She knocked, she came in, she asked for a chair from our teacher, she had to wait for like a minute, she got the chair and she left. While all of us guys that were in the class were just like looking/staring at her.

We must’ve been totally silent for at least a whole minute while she was waiting for our teacher to get her the chair. After she left we were all still silent for at least another 10 seconds or so until our teacher snapped us all back to reality by saying: “Well, is anyone going to give me an answer?” We were all like..”Oh yeah…um….ink”.

Apparently Keeran whispered to Sam later on saying: “Damn…she pretty hot”. Sam just responded:
“Oh just shut up will you”.

It’s funnier if you were there.

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