I’m up kinda earlier than usual. The phone rang and it was a call for my mom. Shit. Now i’m all awake all because of that. No matter. At least i’m posting. Oh yeah, i have no idea WHY i posted what i did in the post before this one. Just had to release some tension i guess. My last day in school was okay i guess. I didn’t cry or anything. Heaven forbid. I must’ve gotten like…a million and one hugs from almost all off my friends. John gave me a hug so violent that it almost took my head off. I got my shirt signed by everyone i knew. I’m gonna keep that forever. It does kinda suck that fat Jeff’s signing kinda faded out a bit by the sweat on my back. But it’s still readable. He told not to rip on the people in the Uni that i’m going to too soon and that he knew i ripped on him only outta love. Faget. Heh, just kidding. I do love you fagetty fat Jeff. (No, we’re not gay)

Ooh, i got lots of hugs from girls too. Heheh. And of course…….i got a hug from Jeanne. So that was really nice and cool.


I don’t really know what i’m gonna do now that i’m not gonna go to school for like a whole month. I’ll probably just update everyday from home and also try to find a way to visit school and go to the ‘big city’ to see my friends. Okay, i’m probably losing a lot of my international readers cos my posts have been really boring these past few days but i’ll get myself collected soon enough and i’ll be my old self again. It’s just that i’ve got a lot on my mind right now and i can’t post for shit. Welcome to the end of another shit posting.

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