Interesting signings

Fullname: Cristy Harrison
Where are you from?: Australia
Homepage Name: Hippyopia
Homepage URL:
Comments: hey, i like your website…thanks for signing my guestbook i like reading your news its interesting

i dont really have anything to say but you have guts for putting anything you feel like putting on here and not caring about who reads it or what they think

thats cool

Now that’s someone who understands what this site’s all about.

Fullname: jeanne
Where are you from?:
Homepage Name:
Homepage URL:
Comments: i feel strange

I doubt that that’s really Jeanne.

Anyway, i bought a playstation game last night: The Legend Of Dragoon. Should be quite a good RPG. I absolutely LURVE RPG’s.

Probably the best RPG’s i’ve played are Final Fantasy 3 and Chrono Trigger on SNES. Classics man. I would’ve gotten FF9 too but it was in Japanese so i didn’t bother.

I also wanted to get X-Men Mutant Academy but i playtested it and it pretty much sucked ass. But then again i only did play it for like…half a minute. Oh well. Looks like i’ll be preoccupied with playing TLOD and with updating my site everyday during the whole month of August or so.

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