ICQ with Jia Ying

JY: poo boy… i saw that funny forum post .. cool.. so have you?
Me: haha..i wish =)
JY: heehee.. im trying to eat a french fry wit no hands
Me: i’m trying to type with no fingers
JY: hehe sille poo. i have a feeling ppl are talkign abotu em.. its scaryy..
Me: about who?
JY: me
Me: what about?
JY: about stuff that isnt supposed to be tlaked abouit don ask so many q’s poo.
Me: poo. have you ever pooed out liquid poo?
JY: no.. isnt that sick..
Me: yeah…i know…hehe
JY: ahh,….i am gonna be sick if you keep up wiht all this stuffz
Me: hey jia ying, what do you think of lesbians?
JY: i think they’re just normal.. dun think about that kinda stuff but gay guys RULE! they are the BEST guy frensss!
Me: i wish i was gay…haha. i bet you’re gonna take me seriously aren’t you?
JY: no.. but whywould you wish that? then you.. actually, it wouldnt matter hey.. i dunno.. i dun care if youre gay or not
Me: dammit….i was hoping you’d be grossed out so i can post this conversation on my site
JY: okay okay, ill be grossed out.
Me: woo hoo anyway, hey jia ying….what do you think of liquid poo?
JY: i think iot’s completely sick. i mena, who the hell would think of LIQUID POO????? hey, thats kidna like that scene where jim carrey poops on his neighbours lawn. that was funny..
Me: that wasn’t liquid poo you poo. i want liquid poo
Me: say you like it
JY: dammit, i dun wanna b known as the gurl who thinks liquid poo is cool?!?!?
Me: say it…… i’ll make you famous
JY: you are disgusting.. okay fine. ill only do this becaus eyour never coming back. oh god whyy?!?!? why?!@?!?!?
JY: I lIKE LIQUID POO- quote me justin
Me: i want you to say “i like liquid poo very much”
JY: okay.. I LOVE LIQUID POO!!!!!!!!
Me: cool…now i gtg..hehe i’ll be back later =)
JY: ahh!!?!!? jusitnt?>!??!?!?!
Me: i’ll be back in about 10 mins
JY: NO?!!?
Me: i’ll be back..! really! 10 mins

Jia Ying likes liquid poo. Quote: “I lIKE LIQUID POO”

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