Oops i did it again

Note to self: never ever tell anyone i know in real life about this stupid website. Time and time again i keep slipping up and i manage to mention that fact that i have this website online, in front of a class full of people. Did it earlier this semester when we had to do this mandatory ‘get to know the person beside you and then have them mention the things you just told them’ on the first day of class. Of course, since i’m the world’s most boring person in real life, and that i really have no redeeming qualities at all outside of the fact i’m an internet celebrity (i.e someone that needs to get out more) and that i have this unusually popular website (which is absolutely dumbfounding), i of course tell them about it. Reluctantly of course. Because deep down i’m actually dreading the thought of them coming here to check it out only to find… all this.

Okay so it may not be much right now since the layout change but hey, still, having a row of underage starlets adorning the top of your website is jarring enough.

This is, after all, the most disturbing site on the internet.

Deja vu? Yeah i wrote a similar post last semester when i did exactly the same thing to this chick that sat next to me when i told her about this site. So she came, she saw and she took it pretty well! Either that of she was just being nice.

Speaking of chicks visiting this site:

To: webmaster@psykotik.zzn.com
Subject: female fubar visitor
From: Jenny Shayler
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 19:21:40 +0100

i’m a girl from oxford, england.. and i read fubar everyday. I’m surprised
that you didn’t think u had many female visitors. i think ur really witty
and ur fascination with underage girls is amusing. fubar’s a really good
read… most of the time. I still can’t forgive you for the ureathral
vibrators post and the subsequent comments. have faith in the females of the
species… they will come and they will laugh at the fubarness. they
rejoiced and it was good

jenny 😛


To: webmaster@psykotik.zzn.com
Subject: Hey there
From: alison
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 03:30:00 +0000


I’ve been to your site off and on, mostly to check out pics of lindsay lohan and a while back to read all the crap about libby hoeler. Although I generally find your site interesting I just want you to know that I am APPALLED that you don’t like the movie The Ice Cream Man. Im assuming you mean the one with clint howard??? Thats one of my ALL TIME favorite movies!!! Just thought Id let you know.



Anyhow, June has been a pretty uneventful month. Compared to last month anyway. With the whole OMG LINDSAY LOHAN NIPPLE!!!! thing. Which is good because things are actually starting to settle down around here (bandwidth wise anyway). There’s still a huge number of stupid fucking newbies lurking around and waiting for me to post pictures so that they can leave their stupid fucking newbie comments. You can tell which ones they are by looking at their post counts. They generally have a post count of 1 and they like to leave barely constructive (i.e worthless) comments that aren’t even worth reading. Therefore wasting everybody else’s time and energy when they click on a link hoping to read something WORTH reading.

If you feel a little sting it’s probably because you’re one of them!!!!

Goddamn, what does it take to get things back to the pre-Lohan days? LINDSAY LOHANNNNNN. YOU HAVE BEEN THE DOWNFALL OF THIS SITE!!!!! She opened the floodgate of stupid fucking newbs, making them find their way onto this once rather respectable (HAH!) website and polluting it with their stupid fucking lame ass newbie comments! Yeah yeah, so i’m still bitter about it. Hey you try building up a popular website over the course of 4 fucking years and then see a bunch of stupid fucking newbs practically tear it down. The regulars can attest to this; things weren’t always like this. Once upon a time, fubar was good and the comments people left were actually worth reading. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

But fuck it.

Once again, apologies for the still fucking ugly look of the front page. Slowly but surely, i’m trying to get it looking like how it used to.

I’ve got a group presentation thing AND my finals on Wednesday so you can’t blame me for the lack of ‘teh good stuff’ lately.

Anyhow, so i downloaded that Survivor sex tape last night. I skimmed through it for like a total of 8 seconds and decided that i have NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in it and i closed it. By the way, if you’re thinking “Hey! I’m interested! Send it to me!”, it’s about 170 megs. So no. There’s really no way i can get it to you. Plus the link that i got it from is now dead. You lose.

Also, the camera angles were fucking shitty. What little of them i saw anyway.

I do however, have a link to this Rachel Stevens performance. That name may mean nothing to you if you’re not from Europe or Asia but hey, she’s hot so it doesn’t really matter where you’re from. I dunno about you but somehow, she was a whole lot hotter back in the day. Watch the vid and lemme know what you think.

Jiggly boobs away!

Oh it’s about 34 megs by the way. And i have no idea how long that vid will be up so no bitching.

DVD Tuesday tomorrow. Unfortunately, nothing all that good is coming out. There’s Badder Santa. And… that’s pretty much it really. I *might* pick it up. Or not.

Maybe i’ll just get that new Bill Clinton book. It’s been… 2 years since i read a book. Yeah i shit you not. I don’t read books. The last book i read was Bruce Campbell’s autobiography and the last book before that was Mick Foley’s autobiography. Beyond that, i don’t think i’ve actually ever read any books. None that i can remember anyway. I’m more of a DVD guy.

Remember, June 25th. Farhenheit 9/11. June 30th. SPIDER-MAN 2.

Oh by the way, hi Andrea.


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