Fahrenheit 9/11

So who’s seen it? If you haven’t, you should. It’s really good stuff. I was surprised to see the theater that i went to like, 98% full (remember this is freakin’ Kalamazoo Michigan we’re talkin’ about here). Most times you’d be hard pressed to have 20-30 people watching a movie; even on opening day. And this was like 98%. At a 12:30pm screening.

Just so you know, when 9/11 happened, i had no access to CNN or a proper TV news channel. I was in stupid Malaysia at the time and we didn’t have satellite or cable TV at the dorm. All i really had going for me in terms of news coverage was the internet. And even then, i never really read up on everything that was going on. I really really wished i had CNN back then. So unlike the rest of the world, i didn’t have clips of the planes crashing into the twin towers shown to me a bazillion gazillion times a day. Heck, when some Australian dude IMed me saying something like “America is under attack. The pentagon and the twin towers got bombed” i was like, “yeah right”. I was in the computer lab at the time and didn’t even think twice about checking CNN.com or whatever because, really, it just sounded ridiculous. It was only after i got back to the dorms did i actually start hearing from other people about what’d happened over in the States.

I never really ‘got into’ the whole 9/11 thing because i had no access to proper news media. At least media that would provide 24 hour a day news updates on the whole thing. It really wasn’t until a full year later did i actually REALLY get to see what other people had already seen a million times over; and that was on DVD. If you look at my DVD list, you’ll see that i have two 9/11 DVDs on there.

I also didn’t pay that much attention to the 2000 elections either. Because, shit, i was halfway across the world and they just don’t cover stuff like that that much so i didn’t really get to hear about everything that went down. All i knew was that Florida cheated and that was pretty much it really.

So basically, watching Fahrenheit 9/11 was pretty much like playing catch up with everyone else who’s already ‘in the know’. I’ll tell you what, if i were an American citizen; and knowing what i know now about the Bush family after seeing what i saw in Fahrenheit 9/11, i’d definitely wouldn’t vote for teh Dubya.

Sure, John Kerry is a douchebag, but i’d vote for him anyway. If i could.

There’s been lots of Moore bashing on this site. It’d be interesting to see what people will say now that the movie is actually out.

In conclusion, go see Fahrenheit 9/11!


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