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What’s up. Just a short update for now. Two more days till the end of the month and i still have 200 gigs of bandwidth left so i’m gonna host some vids on here for a while.

But before we get to that, someone just PMed me.

“Keira Knightley. Do you have anything on her? I love your site, and I think this gorgeous piece should be your new pastime. I’ll be looking for it oh God of FUBAR!!!”

I generally don’t do requests but what the hell:


A couple more:

Anyway, here are two vids that i got off of (where i have a whopping 4+ gigs of download credit!).

It’s a really good site for celeb videos. And cheap too. EXTREMELY cheap. $2.95 gives you 100 megs of credit. That’s like cheaper than a Big Mac value meal. If you’re planning on signing up, use this e-mail address ( as a referrer and you’ll get a 20% credit bonus on top of your 100 megs.

You’ll find great videos such as:

So fucking hot. I love Avril.


And that’s all i got.

(note: i won’t leave that 23 meg monster up forever so you better get it within the next half hour because it’s coming down at 9:30pm EST)

Update: Actually fuck it. Hundreds of people downloading the 23 meg file will slow down the site too much. Just go sign up and download it off yourself.

Anyhow, to make up for it, i guess i’ll talk a bit more.

Anybody seen the new Avril video? It’s hot. She wears a tutu in it. Hot.

The only thing not hot about the video is the guy who plays her boyfriend. He’s FREAKIN’ OLD. He must be at least 30 or something. Or 27. Or 26. OLD.

Take a look:

OLD! He looks OLD!

His presence in the video totally ruined my happy ending.



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