I guess the obvious news of the day is to announce Lindsay Lohan’s legality. So…


Now get naked.

In other news, Keira Knightley has a new movie coming out. King Arthur. It doesn’t really look all that impressive. I dunno. I probably won’t be seeing it unless it gets really good reviews. Antoine Fuqua is pretty good director (Training Day was the best) but Tears Of The Sun kinda left a sour taste in my mouth. Hopefully he can redeem himself with King Arthur.

Anyway, i don’t know about you but i question the choice of ‘battle armor’ Keira has in the movie. It REALLY draws attention to the fact that she has absolutely NO BOOBS whatsoever. And the fact that she looks like a fucking demon with all that war paint on.

But yeah, check out these hi res pics of Keira from the King Arthur premiere. They’re so hi res you can even see her NOSE HAIRS.

I love hi res pics. They can make the most prettiest girl look absolutely terrifying.

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