Free porn!

And not just normal porn, BEHIND THE SCENES PORN! Some of you may have heard about this one network of porn sites that include,, etc etc. Well they also have this one site called and it’s basically just a site that has behind the scenes vids of all their porn shoots. It’s actually pretty facinating. Seeing all the pornstars out of character and just being themselves. You don’t really get to see the other side of the industry all that often. At least i don’t. If you’re a real hardcore porno addict, this kind of stuff is probably nothing new.

Anyhow, here’s how to get in.

Go to and click on the members area. It’ll prompt you for a login and password. Don’t put in anything. Just hit OK and you voila! You’re in!

Talk about security flaws.

It only works with though. Doesn’t seem to work with any of the other sites within their network.

Have fun.


They found out about the trick and fixed it. Wouldn’t have happened if someone hadn’t posted a HYPERLINK to their site from this site in the comments!!!!!


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