Thora and Scarlett

Hi res pics. The Thora ones are pretty new. From the I, Robot premiere. She’s looking a little pasty there. But i’d still hit it.

These Scarlett pics however, aren’t new. In fact i think this is like the third time i’ve posted up this set. But she just looks so fucking HOT in them. Plus these pics are now bigger, better and higher res.



Eh. Might as well throw these in too. Some Natalie Portman. Not new but not that old either. I used a scaled down version of one pic for that stupid dream girl post i made. Anyhow, check out the guy in the background of the first pic.

  • Natalie Portman
  • Oh and one Joss Stone. She reminds me of one of my ex’s in a way. I hate that bitch.

My ex. Not Joss Stone.


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