And we’re back

Holla bitches! So i just got my grades and shit back for that short movie we made for class. We got a 154 points out of a possible 150. Because it’s just THAT DAMN GOOD (or at least better than the rest of the other shorts). Incidently it was also the only short that got a perfect score (150). Plus i also have the highest number of points in class AND i got an A. In the words of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie:

“That’s hot”

So i went and saw Alien vs. Predator today. It was actually pretty alright. Got in with that free ticket you get when you buy the Collector’s Edition of Predator on DVD. I love how they’re giving away movie tickets with DVDs these days. Half the movies i’ve seen this year i didn’t even have to buy a ticket for. Got ’em free with DVDs (The Chronicles of Riddick, Spider-Man 2, The Bourne Supremacy, AVP). That’s hot.

The only thing i wish Paul W.S Anderson did differently with AVP was to let it have an R rating. Plus, they really wasted the one and only “fuck” that they’re allowed to say (in a PG-13 movie) on the wrong line.

It really should have gone to the “ugly motherfucker” line. Instead of the one they went with (which was pretty lame).

Hopefully there’ll be an unrated directors cut on DVD with extra gore and swearing (kinda like what they’re doing with the Chronicles of Riddick DVD). Actually i think they’re also gonna double dip P.W.S.A’s Resident Evil with a deluxe DVD edition or something. Was that movie originally PG-13? Can’t remember. Either way it would be cool if they put out an unrated cut for both Resident Evil and AVP somewhere along the line (doubtful though).

Anyway, apologies for the site downtime these past 2 days. Apparently they were doing some kind of maintenence on the servers and installing a firewall system or something for the network so that we won’t get DOS attacks. But anyhow, we’re back. And i’ll probably be updating a lot more now since i’m pretty much done with school crap for now (at least until the Fall semester starts).

More updates later.

Seacrest out!


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