Buncha movies

Just a coupla movie trailers that’ve caught my eye. Check em out and lemme know what you think.

  • Paparazzi

    Saw this trailer online a coupla weeks ago. Saw it again before AVP started. I don’t know about you but i’m really looking forward to this one. It’s pretty eerie watching that part of the scene where the paparazzi are chasing Cole Hauser in those vans. Kinda reminded me of the whole Princess Diana thing with how she died and all. Cole Hauser is pretty cool. I liked him in Pitch Black (and Escape from Butcher Bay). Mel Gibson is producing this one. Should be pretty good. Revenge flicks are always the best.

  • Shall We Dance

    Just thought i’d mention this one even though i probably won’t be seeing it in theaters (but probably will once it’s on DVD. maybe). Jennifer Lopez is in it. I actually didn’t recognize it was her until i saw her name in the credits. I thought it was just someone that looked like Jennifer Lopez (kinda like that chick they got in that Anaconda sequel; Anacondas). But fuck Jennifer Lopez. I’m actually more interested in this movie because of Susan Sarandon. Not J.Lo. Ever seen Pretty Baby? Mmm. Susan Sarandon boobies. She was hot. Still is. I’d hit it.

  • The Yes Men

    This one looks pretty damn promising. It’s a documentary about these two guys that travel around the world fighting corporate greed; by targeting the people they see as ‘criminals’ and stealing their identities to try to make them honest. Sort of reminds me of that little skit Michael Moore had in Bowling For Columbine; Corporate Cops. And what’s even cooler is that they got Michael Moore to cameo in their movie! That’s hot.

  • Hero

    So Miramax FINALLY decided to release Hero after NUMEROUS fucking delays. But it’s no biggie though since i’m sure everybody who actually gives a damn about this flick has already gotten it on DVD or downloaded it off the net. This movie is nearly 2 years old now. I gotta say though, if you’re thinking that this is going to be another Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, you’re probably gonna be disappointed. The action scenes in this one aren’t as good but they’re still pretty cool though nonetheless (if you can stomach the whole ‘flying’ people thing… which apparently a lot of Americans don’t ‘get’). Oh and it helps if you’re familiar with Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon style of story telling because Hero’s story is quite similar in that respect. It’s still a good movie though. VERY beautifully shot. If anything, just watch it because fucking Zhang Ziyi is in it (Rush Hour 2, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon). I love that girl. So fucking hot. So fucking kick ass. Can’t speak English for shit (did you see her acceptance speech at the 2001 MTV movie awards? yech) but hey, i’d still hit it.

  • House Of Flying Daggers

    Now here’s what i’m more looking forward to. From the same guy who directed Hero and featuring a more prominent starring role for Zhang Ziyi, House of Flying Daggers (that’s such an oldschool movie title) should be pretty good, if not better than Hero. It’s called Lovers in Japan (the link up there takes you to the Japanese trailer) and it looks A LOT more ‘period’ than CTHD or Hero (which i’m not really into.. reminds me too much of the cheesy period chinese TV serials that used to be on every weekday at 6PM back home) but i have faith in Zhang Yimou. His flicks are always good. And hey, i’d watch anything where Zhang Ziyi gets to simulate having sex on screen.

  • Ong Bak

    Here’s a movie that i’ve heard a lot about but haven’t actually seen. It’s from Thailand and it supposedly has the craziest motherfucking stunts and fight scenes around. Because they were all done FOR REAL without wires or CGI. I read about this movie numerous times and for the life of me i still can’t remember what the movie is all about but it doesn’t really matter because the plot really sucks (if it didn’t, i probably would remember it) and it’s really all about the insane fucking stunts they pull off. I’m talking crazier than Jackie Chan (in his prime) kind of stunts. Or at least close to. This one’s pretty old too. I think it’s been out in Asia for well over a year now. I think they guys that made this movie went on to make another one called Born To Fight or something. And that one’s got an equally ridiculous plot (something like a guy and a national olympics team teaming up to stop a bunch of terrorist who take over a village…. told you) but again, it’s all about the fights. I saw a trailer for that one and it had this one stunt where this guy is jumping from one big truck to another (fear factor style) and he slips and he falls and he fucking almost gets his fucking HEAD crushed by one of the wheels of the truck. Seriously. And again, it’s all done for REAL. Fucking crazy Thai people. Hunt down the trailer and check it out for yourself.


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