The bootlegs questions

Every once in a while, i get e-mails asking me about bootleg VCD’s/DVD’s and where you can get them.

Subject: RE. DVD
From: ” RENS-LET”
Date: Sat, Nov 3 2001 3:04:51 PM +0100

I’m sure you have been asked this question a million times, but nevertheless am I going to ask you it anyway.

I was hoping you could enlighten me on where one can get a hold of bootleg DVDs in the five-dollar price range. Or any other reasonable price range for that matter. Sites on the net are extremely hard to find but I know they exist because of the huge demand worldwide. However, they change their urls all the time in order to be one step ahead of the law enforcement.

How about user/news groups? They must be an excellent way to attract customers. Can you recommend any?

I am particularly looking for Godfather The Collectors Box among many others.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A DVD addict

Subject: VCDs
From: “P P”
Date: Wed, Nov 7 2001 1:04:51 PM -0800

Nice site. Anyway, I was just wondering where you get your VCDs? I need to
get a few and can’t seem to find a place to get ’em. Any help is


And in all cases i always have the same answer:

It’s easy for me to get all the latest movies on VCD/DVD because i live in Asia. Also commonly known as bootleg central of the world. So i have absolutely no need for looking around the net for bootleg VCD’s or DVD’s.

When i can get em off the streets for less than US$1.50.

Less than US$4 for DVD’s.

But i always go for legit DVD’s. Bootlegs tend to not have all the extras and are almost always printed on DVD-5’s. You’d be lucky to find one’s that’re printed on DVD-9’s but even then, it’s no guarantee that it’ll have all the extras that you’d get with the legit version.

So if you were to ask me where you can get like really really cheap bootlegs that you can order off the net, i wouldn’t really have a clue. Because personally, i’ve never gotten any bootlegs off the net. Bought or downloaded.

Because, like i said, i just get mine from off the street. But lately, i’ve been getting them from this little corner store just outside of campus. It’s pretty cool. Totally illegal (in terms of what they sell in there). And it’s just, literally, wall to wall VCD’s, PS games, PC software and MP3 CD’s. Each for less than US$5.

You want the full bootleg copy of Windows XP for less than US$3? Sure. They have it. Monsters Inc. on VCD for less than US$2? I already have it.

So short of telling you to get on a plane to Malaysia to get yourselves these easily obtainable off the streets bootlegs, i can’t really help you guys out too much. But, if you’d like to maybe learn a little bit more about bootlegs in general, check out this page.

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But other than that, there’s not really much i can do to help.

Sorry guys.

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