Hi Res Elisha Cuthbert (and halo stuff)

Mmm. Penis going soft.

  • Elisha Cuthbert
  • But in other penis hardening news…!

    Via PM:

    Hey Justin, been to your site since earlier this year but i just registered to let you know that yes, Halo 2 is coming along nicely. Im currently doing h2 game testing for microsoft so i get to play it everyday. Granted its still broken and stuff is being added, bugs are getting fixed/created everyday.

    But hey, the original halo bored the shit out of me, this one i can say that its gonna be pretty fuckin cool.

    Thats it for now. Later.


    Original Halo was pretty blah for me too. Repeated levels (A – B – C – B – A. WTF? LAME LEVEL DESIGN), not enough enemy types (killing those stupid exploding zombie things got REALLY old after the 700th time) and well… it was just generally underwhelming. Especially after all the hype and good reviews it got. Fun while it lasted though (at least right until those zombie fuckers started being the only enemies you’d face for the rest of the game). But not the end all be all FPS people were making it out to be. I ended up trading the game in after i finished it. I was telling some people over Xbox live about what i did and they were all like “Dude! You traded HALO in?? WTF! That game’s a classic!”. Yeah whatever. Fuck off.

    Anyhow, i’m thinking about buying two copies of the limited edition Halo 2. One to own and one to sell off on eBay to some poor schmuck who couldn’t get a copy in stores. Supply and demand baby.


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